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MOREnet Training and Events

All classes are subject to cancellation one week prior to the event if a minimum registration is not met.  You will be notified by e-mail if an event you have registered for is canceled.


Full Service Level MOREnet Members: There is no additional fee for Full Service Level Members to attend training, unless otherwise noted.
Basic Level MOREnet Members: Basic Level Members are charged $50 per person per 1/2 day of training and $100 per person per whole day of training.
Online Classes and web seminars are free of charge to all MOREnet members.
##E-rate training is free to ALL Missouri schools and libraries##

For questions or additional information contact us at:

Training Location

Unless otherwise noted, all classes are held at the MOREnet offices in Columbia, Missouri.  The offices are located at 221 North Stadium Blvd, Suite 201, Columbia, MO 65203.  (We are located in the shopping mall call close to Dick's Sporting Goods.  Find the elevator to our second floor offices in the North Tower, right next to Jazz Kitchen.)

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  (Purple Dot) are held at various locations throughout the state.

  (Green Dot) are held ONLINE!
blue_dot (Blue Dot) are available only to members of the MOREnet City/County Project.
RedPlus(Red Plus) are held at the MOREnet Office in Columbia.

** Classes with two asterisks after the title are eligible for Graduate Credit

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