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Cvent’s complimentary and user-friendly Destination Guide and Supplier Network provide world-renowned agencies, wedding planners, party organizers, corporations and direct meeting planners alike with the essential event planning resources. By streamlining the site selection and sourcing process, our tools allow you to research destinations, and find and compare meeting facilities faster and more easily than relying on traditional search engines.

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Cvent Supplier Network and Destination Guide

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Using an online sourcing platform encourages hotels to compete for your business, saving you an average of 15% off your meetings cost. Register for an online demonstration and discover how our site selection and sourcing solutions can help you increase your daily efficiency and decrease event costs.

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Whether you are looking for the airport-to-downtown taxi fare or are searching for things to do in the area, the Cvent Destination Guide makes it easy to compare and contrast what each city has to offer.

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With the most expansive database online, you will enjoy the ability to source directly with hotels, convention centers, special event venues, CVBs, restaurants and more.

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View all RFP responses in one central location and compare details such as F&B minimum, concessions, date flexibility and total estimated cost side by side to make the best selection for your event.

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