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Download the IoT LSPs e-book

This eBook presents the IoT European Large-Scale Pilots providing an overview of the overarching goals of this initiative, facts and figures about each five different and specific focus areas, from smart living environments for ageing well, smart farming and food security, wearables for smart ecosystems, reference zones in EU cities and to autonomous vehicles in a connected environment.

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In the Spotlight
Building a roadmap for the Next Generation Internet

The new scoping paper by NGIoT analyses the IoT research, innovation and implementation challenges and presents a set of recommendations for future IoT-focused investments towards the Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programmes for 2021-2027


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Big Data and how it can affect your hearth

A NEW POST of the ACTIVAGE blog is out! Many thanks to Patricia Moro for this article focused on how Big Data is positively changing the way to manage cardiovascular diseases.


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Music is not noise

MONICA has contributed to a White Paper which provides guidance for the drafting of a good urban policy for live music. The White Paper has been launched by the European live music network, Live DMA, as a reaction to a report by the WHO providing ‘Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region’.


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IoT talks

Discover the ACTIVAGE services and solutions through the story of Martha and Paul

The Older population in Europe wants to live a more independent, safe and happy life in their home environments for a longer time. This is possible by using the ACTIVAGE services and solutions that are already running in 13 European regions.

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IoT and its potential for the transport world

The online magazine “Intelligent Transport” published a roundtable interview about the Internet of Things and its potential for the transport world. AUTOPILOT coordinator from ERTICO, François Fischer, participated together with other industry experts.

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IoT for what?

During IoT Week 2019 around 20 IoT community members were invited by NGIoT to share their first impression to the question: “IoT for What?”, which contributed to the making of this video with humans at the center on how different people from different backgrounds and domains are facing IoT today and beyond.

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Upcoming Events
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Scaling Urban Digital Solutions: Towards a Digital Single Market for Cities & Communities

SynchroniCity @ European Week of Regions and Cities

10 October 2019

Cities and communities are facing common challenges ranging from air pollution to waste management and urban mobility. Data-driven and IoT-enabled urban services can be a solution, but a major challenge is the scale-up of locally developed services to replicate successful solutions with similar challenges in other cities and communities. This session brings together cities and experts who are reducing these market barriers through the SynchroniCity project.


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IoF2020 Webinar Series: European test farm network for digital impact validation

20 November 2019


IoF2020 introduces a network of pioneer IoT farms to professionally assess and promote the impact of specific IoT services and hardware solutions. This webinar is dedicated towards farmers, digital service providers, investors and educators in the agrifood tech domain and gives insights on the test farm concept.


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IoF2020 Webinar Series: Investment Deals & Pitching in Agrifood

11 December 2019


In order to drive your business innovation, some financial fuel by private investment is needed as well at a certain point. While you think pitching might be easy, the negotiation with investors can be tough. IoF2020 will present insights and tools for successful deal negotiation based on experience.


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Past Events Highlight

European Industry Partnerships for the New Age Event
12 September 2019

The event was organised by CREATE-IoT in the frame of the IoT Large-Scale Pilots Programme in collaboration with several European partnerships and DG Connect. Speakers representing different European partnerships covering the Digital, Industry and Space areas, representatives from Member States and the EC have gathered to discuss the strategic directions and present their expectations for future research and innovation.


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