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IoT transforms positively the way we live and interact, let’s see how in this animated video
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Take a look at the infographics providing data and predictions on IoT smart living environments for ageing well, connected vehicles and smart events.
Market Paper – Connected Vehicles

The European Transportation and Vehicles digital journey is moving toward a mobility paradigm centered on multi-modal, on-demand, low-carbon, and personalized travel services enabled by real-time and accurate access to information. This has led to expenditures of €7 billion in 2017 on technologies related to connected vehicles.
The market is expected to double by 2021.

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Market Paper – Smart Events

Smart events and crowd management revolve around a number of use cases responding to different strategic priorities from smart kiosks for civic engagement to emergency response for data-driven public safety through environmental monitoring for improved sustainability. According to IDC public safety and emergency response is the largest use case with more than € 1 Billion spending in 2017, followed by environmental monitoring and use cases for enhancing citizens engagement, such as smart kiosks.

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Market Paper – Healthy and Active Ageing

According to IDC, the top use cases of IoT for healthy ageing are home security, personal wellness (wearables for personal monitoring of basic health and wellness-related data) and remote health monitoring (home/remote monitoring of physiological status). Together, these three use cases account for about €11.8 billion spending in 2017. The fastest growing use cases can be found in the perimeter of smart home applications such as home automation (34% 2017-2021 CAGR) and smart appliances (49% 2017-2021 CAGR).

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Talking with the LSPs
Take a look at the video interviews

Jarissa Maselyne, ILVO Flanders Research Institute – IoF2020

IoF2020 pig farm management use-case focusses on linking data across the value chain in order to provide pig farmers with the necessary information to effectively implement and carry out their management activities.
Jarissa Maselyne
from ILVO Flanders Research Institute and pig farm management use-case coordinator discusses benefits and challenges in this field.

Jarmo Eskelinen, Future Cities Catapult – SynchroniCity

How can smart cities leverage IoT technologies to improve the lives of citizens? Jarmo Eskelinen from Future Cities Catapult explains how SynchroniCity project is helping smart cities around Europe and beyond in achieving high resolution air quality monitoring and providing specific route mapping for people with health issues to avoid most polluted areas.

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Internet of Things - European Large-Scale Pilots Programme successes and challenges
19 November 2018
European Parliament – Brussels

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ICT 2018
4-6 December 2018

LSPs Booth - ICT 2018 will bring together many European innovators, researchers and policy makers. At this occasion, three IoT Large Scale Pilot projects and the Support Project “U4IoT” have decided to work together in setting up a joint exhibition area. The booth will present several achievements of the LSPs through diverse presentations and interactive demonstrations, from smart farming to smart cities and data protection. The European IoT Security Cluster will also be part of the exhibition. Taken together, it will provide a concrete status and outlook on how the European research and innovation community and the Internet of Things can contribute to improving the daily life of European citizens and businesses in the coming years.

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IoT Week 2019
17-21 June 2019

IoT Week is a 5 day conference where thought leaders from the worlds of research, industry, business, tech and science shed light on the future of technology and its impact on business and life.

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