Customer Care

Customer Care

Registering for an event and need assistance?

Please contact the event planner directly. Cvent does not manage our clients' events. Questions about registration can only be answered by the planner. Our clients do not share this information with us.

Customer Care Hours for Australia

  • Event Management 24/7
  • Mobile Event Apps Monday 9am AEST Friday 9pm AEST
  • Web Survey Monday 9am AEST Friday 9pm AEST
  • Cvent Supplier Network Monday 9am AEST Friday 9pm AEST
  • eMarketing Monday 9am AEST Friday 9pm AEST

Call Us Toll-Free

  • Australia1800.502.472
  • Brazil0021.800.3621.2324
  • Finland990.800.3621.2324
  • Germany0808-181-0555
  • Japan-KDD001.010.800.3621.2324
  • Japan-JT0041.010.800.3621.2324
  • Japan-NTT0033.010.800.3621.2324
  • Japan-IDC0061.010.800.3621.2324
  • Korea-Telecom001.800.3621.2324
  • Korea-Dacom002.800.3621.2324
  • Korea-Onse008.800.3621.2324
  • Netherlands800.023.1102
  • UK0808.234.4543
  • U.S. and Canada866.318.4357
  • Singapore800.1301.974
  • South Africa0800.998.866
  • Spain900.948.795
  • Switzerland800.897.658
  • Thailand001.800.3621.2324
  • Hong Kong800-96-1314
  • Argentina, Belgium, China (Telecom), Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Israel (Barak), Italy, Luxembourg, France, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom (BT)00.800.3621.2324
  • Dial 1 for Event Management
  • Dial 2 for Cvent Supplier Network
  • Dial 3 for Web Surveys
  • Dial 4 for eMarketing
  • Dial 5 for CrowdCompass
  • Dial 6 for CrowdTorch



Service is our Trademark

Cvent's client services team is available to ensure that all client issues are promptly solved. Every member of our services team completes a three month training program to ensure that your call is answered by a friendly, knowledgeable professional.

  • Highest ratio of service personnel to clients in the industry
  • Live support staff available 24/7 for Event Management
  • 24 hour live support on weekdays for Web Surveys and the Supplier Network
  • Dedicated relationship managers
  • Act as user advocates for product enhancement requests

International Service Excellence Award 2009-2013

In 2013, Cvent received its fifth consecutive International Service Excellence Award from the Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA). Over the past couple of years, the company has been recognized by CSIA for its outsanding and innovative customer service and commitment to servicing its clients. Notebaly in 2011, the judges areed the company need to be recognized in a special way. The panel decided to create a speacial award just for Cvent, which led to the company being the first-ever recipient of the "Visonary" award. These allocollades are the world's premeire customer service awards with organizations and indivduals that excel in service around the globe being nomated in variery of categories to recognize their commitment to customer service excellence.

Professional Services

Cvent's customer support team can handle a variety of business tasks, such as data processing, analysis, and list building. Our in-house team of experts can also provide extensive consulting successful campaign strategies. Cvent's Event Builder and PlanCorps teams have created and launched over 100,000 events, surveys and marketing campaigns.

  • Full-service event and survey design
  • Complete turnkey campaign management
  • Event, survey and email marketing best practices evaluation
  • Custom report creation
  • Digitisation of business cards
  • Contact entry and data processing
  • Survey data analysis

Product Training

Cvent offers three levels of training for clients: Basic Training, Advanced Training and Event Management. These free sessions not only review features of the products, but also impart critical best practices. Contact customer support to register for an upcoming training session.

  • Free, live, online training sessions
  • Complimentary pre-launch consultation
  • On-site, in-person training available for a fee