Logo Guidelines

Our logo is the key building block of our identity and the primary visual element that identifies us. The logo is a type style and color they have a fixed relationship that should never be embellished, outlined or altered in any way.

Logo clear space

It is important to keep Cvent logo clear of any other graphic elements.
To regulate this, an exclusion zone has been established around the Cvent logo. This zone indicates the closest any other graphic element or message can be positioned in relation to the logo.

Cvent Logo Clear Space

Logo sizes and variations

The Cvent logo must be perfectly legible, so the minimum acceptable width for on-screen use is 36px. Depending on the material onto which the Cvent logo is printed, it may require a greater width than the stated minimum. The logo should not be printed smaller than inch in width.

Cvent Logo Comfortable Web Size65px is comfortable web size.

Cvent Logo Smallest Visible size Allowed ½ inch or 36px is smallest visible size allowed.

V measurement

The letter height of the V in the Cvent logo is often used as a unit of
measure. It is used to size and space graphic elements proportionally to the logo. Remember: the important measurement is the height not the
width of the V.

Blue on black: The standard. Use this version whenever possible. Cvent's blue is Pantone 299C.

Solid white: Use the solid white version against a dark photo or background when there is insufficient contrast between the blue "C" and the background.

Solid black: Used only in black and white printing. Not approved for web.

Spacing example

Cvent Logo Spacing Example

Cvent Logo Color Example

Incorrect Corporate Logo Usage

Do not stretch the Cvent logo.

Do not stretch the Cvent logo, even if you think it still looks fine. Scale the logo proportionally.

Do not place the Cvent logo on any kind of an angle. It must always be aligned horizontally.

Do not change colors.

Do not try recreating the Cvent logo yourself. Get the real file.

Transparancy and any fading effects are not allowed.

Do not color one part of the logo.

Shadows, glows and 3D effects are not allowed on the Cvent logo.

Do not use any kind of glass reflection effect.

Do not use any gradient effect on the logo, even if it's slight.

Make the background light enough for both parts of the logo to be visible.

Do not place black logo on dark backgrounds, use white version instead.

Do not use gradients that would make one part of the logo legible and the other not.

Do not place the logo on busy backgrounds.

Do not use any kind of glow or shadow effect on busy backgrounds.

Black is legible, but the blue blends too much with the green background.

Do not place the white logo on very light backgrounds. Use the original version or a black version.

Even if a background works for the dark side of the logo, it might not work for the lighter blue color of the "C."

Even if the logo is legible, this background is too busy.

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