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Hyperdisk Marketing

Hyperdisk Marketing

We’re going to increase unique organization share by 20-30%, we’re going to see RFPs go up at least 20-30%, and we’ll be able to grow our share against our comp set by at least 20-30%."
Steven Seghers
President, Hyperdisk Marketing

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Hotel Clients





of clients rely on group business

Average ROI of

20:1 to 30:1

per dollar spent through Cvent

Driving More Group Business

For HyperDisk, a huge part of catering to their clients is creating more group business for them. “They feel like they’ve reached the maximum threshold of driving group sets, so for us, it’s about extending that,” notes Steven. Their job is to find new solutions and prevent their clients from becoming stuck on a plateau in their group bookings.

As Steven puts it, “We really need to develop solutions to help them expand their reach, and Cvent’s platform is obviously the preeminent platform to do so.”

One way they achieve this goal is with Suggested Ads, a Cvent f eature that shows your venue as a suggested venue to planners whose RFP requirements fit your availability. Steven loves Suggested Ads for their immediacy, and how they grow their visibility against competitors to targeted potential buyers or meeting planners. Using ads like these helps them steal market share and target other areas of the market they haven’t even considered.

This is where Cvent’s features come in. With their focus on performancebased marketing, HyperDisk used the solution suite to understand how to drive that performance through insights they’ve gathered. Their working relationship with Cvent allows them to understand all the indus try insights and collaborate on them with their clients in a way that lets t hem get even better results.

What they really needed was a progressive, interactive, fully built strategy that integrated all parts of their marketing initiatives, and Cvent has helped them provide that to their clients. With Cvent providing the top platform in technology and HyperDisk providing the platform in advertising, the partnership was a no-brainer.

Since starting to work with Cvent, HyperDisk has expanded signi ficantly - from about 200 hotels to over 650 hotel clients in 65 countries worldwide. Out of that group, Steven estimates that 60-70% of them rely on group business, even though most multinational marketing and advertising agencies do very little in group marketing. Because of their client’s needs and Cvent’s technology, HyperDisk has been able to present a whole new package of solutions that weren’t previously available to their clients, as well as acquire new clients whose current needs aren’t being addressed.

Outside of overall growth, HyperDisk has also been able to get more ROI using Cvent’s platform. Steven notes, “When I look at the 75 accounts that account for the 600 hotels we currently market, I’d say that on average we’re getting 20:1 to 30:1 per dollar spent through Cvent. Because of that, I can tell a client, ‘Look, let’s develop a bundle and in return we’re going to increase unique organization share by 20-30%, we’re going to see RFPs go up at least 20-30%, and we’ll be able to grow our share against our comp set by at least 20-30%.’”

One example of such success is a client in the southwestern part of Pennsylvania (a very tertiary market). For them to increase their relevance (and sales) to potential customers, they needed to st eal share from larger markets. Working with their Cvent representative, HyperDisk was able to do an aggressive ad campaign combined with destinat ion marketing, which created a 50% increase in year-over-year RFP growt h.

Cvent and HyperDisk are both driven by service and a desire to exceed expectations. When asked what he values most about partnering with Cvent, Steven says, “I think the beauty of our partnership stems from the performance side — I can rely on Cvent to say exactly how c ertain packages and bundles have grown the business lines.”

Moving Toward a Digital Future

In the future, Steven sees the move toward digital becoming ever more prominent. Instead of trying to fight it, he suggests that industry professionals are better off focusing on integrating their digital marketing and advertising efforts. “It’s about fusing the things that are happening globally with respect to digital marketing and advertising, and how to reach an individual buyer and present your product or your hotel in a meaningful way.”

And, ultimately, that’s what Cvent helps HyperDisk do. “It allows us to be much more innovative and reach a customer in a more meaningful way, and as the future of technology comes together and allows us to be that much more personal, we’re going to be able to reach the right buyer at the right time that much faster.”

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About the Company:

HyperDisk Marketing is a full-service international agency, working with hotels to perfect their digital advertising, marketing, brand development, and technology solutions. As a company that works with over 600 hotels worldwide, their goal is to deliver optimal results for their clients.

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