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One10 Success Story


We're dependent upon technology every day to deliver for our clients. Cvent's robust technology ensures we can do that."
Bonnie Boisner,
VP of Event Management

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The Events Experts

One10 is a loyalty management expert—companies rely on One10 to help develop strong, long-term relationships with customers, employees, and partners. Events serve a strategic role in nurturing that loyalty.

With high-profile companies that span a wide range of industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, financial, hospitality, telecom and high-tech, One10 offers Business Loyalty Solutions that include meetings, conferences, incentives, and events. "We do everything from 20-person executive board meetings to 12,000-person sales kickoffs, all the way up to events that incorporate 60,000 people in a user conference," says Bonnie Boisner, VP of Event Management at One10. "And most of those events are full service, where we handle everything from purchasing to design to the actual implementation and onsite support.'

As part of its events management approach, One10 provides its customers with insights that go beyond just tracking savings goals and satisfaction metrics, but also offer them an understanding of how an event contributes to improved business results and revenues in the future. To deliver on that promise, One10 relied on a proprietary solution it had developed during the early ‘90s.

The Price of Loyalty

One advantage to owning an in-house solution was having the control to adapt it to meet One10's (and its clients') ever-changing needs. "We were able to customize and really build it out," says Doug Ortiz, Director of Onsite Operations and Technology at One10. "Everything from the user interface to the functionality on the backend and reporting—we became very accustomed to the fact that if we needed a change, then we could create and deploy the exact functionality desired."

The team at One10 felt a sense of loyalty and pride in the platform it had constructed. And for many years, the proprietary tool more than met its needs. But maintaining the tool, finding the right staff, and keeping pace with technology ultimately proved cost-prohibitive and labor-intensive.

Still, the decision to replace it did not come easily: One10 had invested resources—and many years—in the solution, and many of its clients' solutions were integrated with it. The company had high expectations and a long list of requirements as it embarked on a year long quest to find a new solution that could rival—and surpass—the one it had built.

The Road to Cvent

"We spent over a year talking to all of the different software providers to find one that could really grow with us," said Boisner. "Cvent topped that list."

Cvent's Enterprise Event Management platform offered the broad base of toolsets that One10 needed to manage its business, from the initial sourcing platform to registration and reporting, as well as website development and communications. But two features really cinched the deal for One10: Cvent's rich integration capabilities and mobile app. Cvent's commitment to enhance was the cherry on top.

"The value that Cvent brings us is really in their end-to-end product offering," notes Boisner. "We had systems that did a little bit of each along the way. Now we have one integrated platform. That's a huge value to us." Leveraging Cvent's analytics and survey tool, Inquisium, One10 also has access to the information it needs to deliver those events-related insights to its customers—reinforcing One10's leadership position as experts in loyalty management.

Cvent's products have contributed to quicker and easier deployments, cost savings and resource efficiencies for the One10 team.

Close Connections

"One of the key successes by becoming a Cvent customer has been the relationship with Cvent," offers Caroline Hartman, Senior Business Analyst with One10. "We have received such strong support from the beginning, and at every level. It's not easy to implement a new technology, but from day one we've had support from the sales team, the product managers, the account teams, the help desk and everyone else."

And those close relationships that were formed during the transition process remain today. The One10 team looks forward to meeting up with its Cvent counterparts every year at Cvent's annual conference, Cvent CONNECT and other industry events.

Now several years into the relationship, Cvent continues to earn high marks from One10 across the board—high praise from the experts in loyalty and event management.

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About the Company:

One10's Channel and Employee Loyalty services provide data-driven meetings, conferences, incentives and events for Fortune 500 clients across a wide range of industries. Our event programs are designed to create loyal employees, channel partners and business customers who sell more, stay with our clients longer and invest more in partnered success.

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