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Event Management Ease of Use Testimonial

Cvent's software provides users with an easy way to promote events and set up an online registration process. This user-friendly event planning system is backed up by a friendly and reliable support staff so even if you're event is complex, planning it doesn't need to be.

Event Management Ease of Use

"Cvent is friendly, user-friendly, they're definitely personable, and I really don't know how I could function as an event planner, every day, without it. I really don't."
Jodee Warner, EDJ Associates, Inc.

"It's very easy to use, and it's been proven very successful for my organization."
Molly Nichelson, American College of Cardiology

"I love Cvent. It's made my job so much easier, and it's made event management so much easier for me and everybody at the conference."
Melissa Boyle, U.S. Conf. of Cotholic Bishops

"I think you should use Cvent because it's sophisticated simplicity in event planning, and that's what we all need and want."
JoAnna Engstrom-Brown, Univ. Pittsburgh Medical Center

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