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Event Management Software Testimonials

Cvent's thousands of users have a wide variety of reasons for choosing our Event Management software. Watch the videos below to hear just a few.

Online Event Registration Testimonial

Online Event Registration

Cvent provides meeting planners with all the tools they need to create a sophisticated, streamlined online registration process for their events. Cvent can capture detailed registrant contact information, process payments and track the registration process down to the smallest detail.

Increase Event Attendance Testimonial

Increase Event Attendance

Cvent is a proven solution for increasing event attendance. Targeted email marketing for events, combined with powerful contact management tools and branded event websites allow event and meeting planners to create coordinated online marketing campaigns for events.

Event Planning Effiency Testimonial

Event Planning Efficiency

Cvent is designed to make planning and managing events less time-consuming for planners. Cvent keeps creative control in the hands of the event planner, but automates repetitive functions like email reminders, attendee communications and payment processing. Attendees can update their own contact information, and modify or cancel their registration on their own.

Event Payment Collection Testimonial

Event Payment Collection

Cvent takes the pain out of payment collection. Collecting credit card payments directly into your bank account is easy, and every dollar, pound, euro and yuan is tracked – so there is never any guessing about who has paid, who hasn't, and where the money is.

Supplier Network Testimonial

Supplier Network

The Cvent Supplier Network represents the next generation in event sourcing tools. With this free-to-use system, event planners can search forevent venues, send out requests for proposals (RFPs) and start receiving bids from venues. Supplier Network users have learned about new venues, gained access to meeting venue information not available anywhere else and saved time in the process. Search for meeting and event venues on Supplier Network today!

Event Websites Testimonial

Event Websites

Cvent's event websites are a great way to share all the information relevant to an event, and to start the event registration process. Our event websites are easy to set up and extremely flexible: select from a variety of layouts, use your organization's colors and branding, link your event with social media sites and add any custom content you wish to include. View sample event websites to get a sense of the possibilities.

Event Customer Service Testimonial

Event Customer Service

Cvent's award-winning customer care team provides support with expertise and a human touch. Whether a client needs help solving a particular problem, training on a new feature, or just best practice tips on managing an event, Cvent's customer service team is happy to help. Support is available to all event management clients 24/7 without any additional fee, and the team takes pride in the fact that 90% of all support calls are answered by a live representative within 90 seconds.

Event Email Marketing Testimonial

Event Email Marketing

Cvent allows meeting planners to reach out to potential registrants in a sophisticated way. Target specific groups of contacts with unique messaging, and personalize emails to give your invitations a more human touch. Automate reminders and other follow-up emails to save time, and track your email marketing campaigns to improve performance for future events.

Event Reporting Testimonial

Event Reporting

Gain visibility into your events, from registration data to email campaign performance to payment collections. Track data over time to ascertain which aspects of your events program are working, and which could be changed and improved. With hundreds of standard reports, and the ability to create custom reports on the fly, Cvent's event reporting system leads the industry.

Email Forwarding Testimonial

Email Forwarding

Cvent's email forwarding feature lets you take your events viral while boosting the size of your contact database. Leverage your invitees' connections to expand your reach and bring new invitees into your events program. This email marketing feature is low cost in terms of both money and effort, and it's a proven way to increase attendance at your events.

eMarketing Testimonial


Because Cvent stores all of your contact data and history in one centralized database, Cvent makes a powerful platform for conducting email marketing campaigns in conjunction with your events. Build your audience by allowing people to sign up for emails directly on your website.

Event Management Ease of Use Testimonial

Event Management Ease of Use

Cvent’s Event Management system provides users with an easy way to promote events and set up an online registration process. This user-friendly event planning system is backed up by a friendly and reliable support staff – so even if you’re event is complex, planning it doesn’t need to be.

Event Marketing for Associations Testimonial

Event Marketing for Associations

For associations and volunteer based organizations, Cvent provides the means to efficiently plan and manage events. Cvent can promote and track membership, process renewals and track attendee history. Cvent works with a high number of associations, so our support team is knowledgeable about the unique event management challenges they face.

Housing & Travel Management Testimonial

Housing & Travel Management

Cvent removes the manual process from housing and travel management, saving planners time while improving the accuracy of the data. Invitees can register, choose their accommodations and select their airfare all at one time.

Parked Reports Testimonial

Parked Reports

Parked Reports are a great way to share data with stakeholders who are not Cvent users. Create a report in the system on anything from registration counts to budgets, and park it online at a password-protected Cvent URL. Those with access will see up-to-the-minute data whenever they like – without having to trouble the meeting planner.

Payment Collection Testimonial

Payment Collection

Cvent’s payment collection features automate the process of collecting payments, offering discounts and giving whole or partial refunds. Cvent is a perfect record-keeper, so by collecting payments through the system your organization will be better prepared when it’s time for an audit.

Registration Questions Testimonial

Registration Questions

Asking questions during the online registration process is a simple and powerful way to learn more about your attendees. This information can help you understand expectations, guide the content of your speakers’ presentations, qualify attendees for your sponsors and improve your events in general.

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