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Event Payment Collection Testimonial

Cvent takes the pain out of payment collection. Collecting credit card payments directly into your bank account is easy, and every dollar, pound, euro and yuan is tracked so there is never any guessing about who has paid, who hasn't, and where the money is.

Event Payment Collection

"Before we started using Cvent, we weren't able to collect credit cards. So now that we can collect credit cards, we have a lot more people paying on time, and we're able to track who has paid and who hasn't paid easier, and send out payment reminders."
Melissa Boyle, U.S. Conf. of Catholic Bishops

"Being able to go in and know who still owes you money, still owes you a purchase order, and being able to input that into the system, even after the event is over, is just amazing."
Maame Ameyaw, Institute for Educational Leadership, DC

"The fees come in easily. There's no trying to figure out where the money is going at the end of the conference."
Kimberly Fletcher, Natl. Assoc of State Units on Aging

"At the end of the day, you have the back end information to go ahead and be more effective at your job."
Christie Susko, American Marketing Assoc., D.C. Chapter

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