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Sample Event Websites

Sample Event Websites

Please take a look at a few samples that illustrate event websites and registration forms that you can set up with the Cvent platform. Browse information about each event on the summary page, agenda page, attendee list and other pages. Then walk through the registration process to experience the sample event from the point of view of a registrant.

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Annual Convention & Lunch Website
Annual Convention
& Lunch Website

Dynamic, multi-track, multi-session registration options make online registration for complex events a breeze.

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Golf Invitational Website
Golf Invitational

A branded event website with rotating images of last year's invitational on the homepage encourages registration.

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Biomedical Innovations Conference Website
Biomedical Conference Website

A detailed agenda, information on keynote speakers and exhibitors, plus a sponsor page create a robust site.

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Networking Breakfast Event Website
Networking Breakfast
Event Website

Quickly design simple events or clone previously created events in just minutes to save time and money.

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