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Event Resources

Thank you for your interest in Cvent Event Management. Below is a list of informational resources to aid you in your decision making process. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Event Management eBooks

Event Marketing 2.0: How to Boost Attendance through Social MediaDownload Adobe PDF

This eBook will help you gain an understanding of the social media landscape, identify where your target audience interacts online and give you practical advice to develop a social media strategy that is relevant to your events.

Event Management Product Information

PresentationDownload Adobe PDF

An in-depth look at the advanced features of our premiere Event Management solution

Event Planning BrochureDownload Adobe PDF

Learn more about Cvent's solutions for event management, sourcing, strategic meetings management, eMarketing and online surveys.

Features ChecklistDownload Adobe PDF

View the full list of features for Cvent's Event Management Solution

Event Management System Buyer's Guide
"If you are searching for a technology solution to market and manage your events, you are not alone. Given the complexity and infrastructure needed to..."

Buy vs. Build
"Are you considering building your own online registration system instead of purchasing Cvent?..."

Sample Event Websites
View event websites created using Cvent Event Management, and see our registration process in action.

Event Management Case Studies

Keller and Heckman Success Story

Keller and Heckman selected the Cvent Event Management solution to take its domestic and international events to the next level.

Council of Protocol Executives (COPE) Client Success Story

COPE was challenged by a labor-intensive, manual registration process. Cvent streamlined COPE's invitation and registration process as well as their payment collection.

Frontline Placement Technologies Client Success Story

Cvent overhauled an outdated registration process, implementing a smoother, sleeker registration system with a professional look and feel.

Association of Government Accountants (AGA) Richmond Chapter Success Story

Cvent simplified AGA's payment collection and security process which leads to more time savings. AGA has been able to host more events in an year with no security risks they faced earlier.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Success Story

BCBSA lists the primary benefits of using Cvent as ease of use, ability to register hundreds in minutes, accuracy, and timesavings.

Event Management Video Resources

Featured Webinar: Event Marketing 2.0 - Expert Advice on Social MediaDownload Adobe PDF

MeetingsNet and Cvent present a panel of social media experts in the event planning community to help planners navigate Event Marketing 2.0. View this webinar on demand to maximize your event marketing reach across social media channels, uncover which social networks will capture more attendees, and discover social media technologies that will easily allow you to promote your events and analyze results.

Event Management Video Tours
Learn more about Cvent's event planning software in this series of 90 second video tours. The overview video covers the basic capabilities of the system, while subsequent video tours delve deeper into specific features.

Event Software Testimonials
Find out what our clients are saying. Learn how their experiences using Cvent's event management software have made a positive impact on their organizations, whether they work for a large corporation or a small non-profit.

Supplier Network Testimonials
Supplier Network users have saved time, effort and money by conducting their venue searches and event sourcing through the Cvent Supplier Network. Hear from some of our meeting planner users just why they prefer to book meeting space on the Supplier Network.

Cvent Video Channel
The Cvent channel on YouTube includes a library of video content created by Cvent. Find live presentations on key issues related to meeting and event planning, as well as animated product tours.

Event Management Blog

Meetings & Events Blog
Get an insider's perspective and expert advice from Cvent's Meeting & Events Blog. Updated daily with the latest trends in Event Management, Meeting Planning, and Meeting Destinations for professionals.

Event Management White Papers

How Cvent's Tools Offer Immediate ROI
"Rapid ROI is a key factor in decision making and online registration and eMarketing tools deliver it..."

Event Venue Selection
Best practices and negotiating strategies for meeting planners

The Strategic Meeting Planner
"In an age of slashed budgets, reduced corporate travel and a growing trend away from costly meetings and events, meeting planners are being forced to prove to their bosses that they can be strategic..."

The Secrets of Event Management and Event Marketing
"The difference between good events and great events is tight execution on marketing, automation of administrative tasks and..."

Five Myths of Strategic Meetings Management
Strategic Meetings Management has emerged as a key business methodology since it first came into use more than ten years ago. But because SMM is constantly evolving, myths regarding its exact purpose, components and capabilities continue to circulate.

Event Budget
Obtain an executive dashboard view of money collected versus money spent across events. Planners can monitor ROE - Return on Events - in real time.

Leveraging Surveys For a Successful Event
When used correctly, surveys can help ensure your event is a success by enabling you to gauge expectations, understand participant reaction, and measure the effectiveness of your message.

Green Meetings Made Easy
"There is more concern about the rapid decay of our environment today than ever before. As individuals, we have a responsibility to respond to these concerns..."