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Harness The Conversation: Business in Today’s Social World

The world has changed. Opinions that should matter deeply to your organization are no longer just shared among friends; they’re expressed everyday through tweets, Facebook updates, blogs, emails, online surveys, and yes, over the water cooler. The speed with which a company can identify and react to changes in the market, industry or workplace now directly impacts the likelihood of success. This eBook highlights how a business can thrive by coupling social media insights with a robust feedback program to provide a clear window into employee motivations and customer priorities.

You'll Learn:

  • How to build an agile business with both speed and intelligence
  • 5 simple questions to ask yourself about your feedback program
  • Why becoming a learning organization is key to creating lasting success
  • How to condition an organization to act on insights gained from surveys
  • What tools a properly equipped feedback team needs to gain true insights
  • Key questions to ask when evaluating online survey vendors

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