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Cvent Event Sponsorship

Leverage the Power of Sharable Content

The Cvent Event Planning Blog is one of the leading educational resources for meeting planners, attracting over 30,000+ visitors each month. New and engaging content is added multiple times a day, encouraging visitors to make return visits and also providing more exposure for our blog advertisers. By sponsoring the blog with your banner ad or thought leader post, you’ll be taking advantage of one of Cvent’s most impactful branding opportunities.

Blog Highlights

  • Voted Best Overall Corporate Blog at the 2013 Content Marketing Awards
  • 30,000+ visitors per month
  • 39% of traffic is from visitors returning
    within 1 day

    Blog Home Page

    • Headliner: A link to your post will be featured in the large banner area at the top of the blog homepage for 1 week at a time.
    • Opener*†: Stay top of mind by ensuring planners receive exposure to your brand when they first open the Cvent blog. As the only ad to appear on every page of the blog, this advertisement will receive 25% share of voice along with 3 other advertisers.
    • Center Stage*†: Secure this exclusive ad placement on the blog homepage. The placement will appear above the fold for many visitors and does not rotate with any other placements.
    • Spotlight*: Maximize your exposure with this large banner ad and guarantee that your ad will appear every time our blog homepage is visited.

    Blog Post Pages

    • Encore*: This ad will encourage visitors to continue reading to learn more about your property or destination. This placement does not rotate with any other ads.
    • Finale*: Make a lasting impression by purchasing the final placement readers will view. Only one of these static ad placements can be purchased per month.

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    †Opener and Center Stage cannot be purchased by the same supplier for the same timeframe

    *Ads are purchased on a monthly basis