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The Cvent Planner Audience & Value

Exposure to meeting planners around the world

Cvent’s 74,000+ active planner users represent a wide variety of organizations and are responsible for sending over 1.8 million RFPs through the network in 2015. Suppliers can increase their share of the group business market by boosting their visibility to these planners at every stage of the event lifecycle.

Corporate Procurement & Enterprise Meeting Planners

These planners rely on the Cvent Supplier Network to centralize the site selection and sourcing process, streamline the meetings management process, as well as to gain better insight into meetings spend.

Accidental Planners

Accidental meeting planners are utilizing the Supplier Network because the first place they are searching for venues and suppliers is search engines. Pay per click advertising and listings in the natural search results are driving planners to the Cvent platform.

Third Parties

Third party planners have adopted the Supplier Network for its accurate and up-to-date global database of hotels. They benefit from increased efficiency through the storage of NSO contacts and preferred hotels, plus the ability to easily compare bids and run comprehensive reports.

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