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Venue Rental vs. Venue Hire

Venue Rental

What is a Venue Hire vs. Venue Rental?

Hiring a venue tends to allude to you, the event planner, having a written contract and a binding the agreement for the use of the facilities of a particular venue.

It doesn't mean you're hiring everyone at the venue and it doesn't mean that the venue's employees all work for you once you have hired the venue. They will help you immensely but you definitely wont' be able to hire or fire employees of the venue. Despite you "hiring" a venue, no ownership of a venue or employment contracts transfer to you. Perhaps that would fall under "venue buying" which is an entirely different conversation that Cvent won't be able to help you out with.

Renting a venue or searching for venue rentals, is essentially the same thing. You are renting a venue or specific space/facilities at a venue, for a specific amount of time agreed upon within a contract.

Whether you want to call it venue hiring or venue renting, using the Cvent Supplier Network is a great way to find that perfect venue and secure a good price. Click here to begin your search for the right venue to hire! Or rent!