What is Cvent University?

Cvent University is Cvent's free certification program on the Supplier Network to Hospitality and Tourism Management programs across the country. Since the launch of the Cvent University Certification program to students in the Fall Semester of 2010, students at some of the top Hospitality and Tourism Management programs have been certified on the Cvent Supplier Network.

The Supplier Network is recognized as the most comprehensive site selection and sourcing database by hospitality professionals worldwide, making this program a great opportunity for students as they begin their journey into the workforce.

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Why Become
Cvent Certified?

By becoming certified on the Cvent Supplier Network students will gain a better understanding of technology used in the hospitality industry, supplying them with useful real-world knowledge as well as discussion points to use with prospective employers. After passing the certification exam, students can add another skill set to their resume as they enter the competitive job market.

For a student interviewing with a hotel chain, having a practical knowledge of electronic RFPs will provide a leg up compared to other candidates for that position. A student beginning a career in event planning will be able to impress working event planners with knowledge of a sourcing tool that makes the event planning process more efficient and effective.

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