How Cvent Certification Works

Once a student becomes enrolled by their professor in the Cvent University Certification program, they will receive Supplier Network training information, login information to their own Cvent account and a link to take the certification exam.

In order to make studying for the certification exam an effective learning experience we have developed 3 different training techniques to help you learn the material. We recommend you use a combination of the three in order to maximize your score, but feel free to use the ones that work best for you.

Study the Guide

Cvent has developed a quick start guide for Event Planners to search for venues and create and send a Request for Proposal (RFP) in Cvent.

View the Guide

Watch the Training Videos

For more visual learners, watch a Cvent representative dive into the Supplier Network to search for suppliers and create an RFP.

View Training Videos

Do It Yourself

Cvent supplies each student with login information for a personal account to practice on the live Supplier Network!

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Ready to Take the Exam?

Once you have watched the two training videos and studied the material you will take the certification exam. After taking the certification exam you will be notified if you have passed the exam. Upon passing, you will receive a printable certificate via email and be entered into our registry of certified Cvent users.

Take the Exam

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