Hear what hospitality professors across the country are saying about
the Cvent University program and how it benefits their students:

Shawn Lee | George Mason University
Spring 2012

George Mason University"The spring 2012 semester was my second semester incorporating the Cvent University program into multiple courses. I strongly encourage educators to integrate the training and exam during classes. Students who have the Cvent certificate on their resumes will have a definite advantage over others looking for careers in the event, meeting, and hospitality industry."

Donna Yancey | University of North Alabama
Spring 2012

University of North Alabama"This program has been a tremendous added benefit to our Hospitality and Tourism course. We have seen enrollment increase in the class since using Cvent as a project assignment. The students are so thrilled that they are learning event planning through the video and exam. I have some other departments on campus that are referring students to this course because of Cvent."

Mary Beth Leone, CHA | College of DuPage
Spring 2012

College of DuPage"As a hospitality educator, I am always confronted with the challenge of offering pertinent, up to date, effective tools to help students learn. Cvent University provides a dynamic, student focused program to do just that. It has given my students an opportunity to experience vital industry specific technology ultimately easing their transition from the classroom to the workplace. The added benefit of the certification the student receives upon completion; it is a win-win!"

Soyoung Boo, Ph.D. | The George Washington University — Spring 2012

The George Washington University"The students found the presentation to be engaging, informative, and useful as they embark on their own careers in the Meeting and Event Management industry. The students were given an in depth look into the benefits and features of utilizing Cvent's website. I would highly recommend this certification program and will use it again in future classes."

Justin Taillon | University of Guelph — Spring 2012

University of Guelph"As Cvent continues to maintain their position as an industry standard-bearer, the importance of making students aware of the great opportunities they can obtain through Cvent and this certification are even more paramount. I had so many students stop by my office and ask about certification, and how they can become certified as well even though they are not enrolled in my class. Cvent Certification caught on like wildfire on campus, and I'm proud to say Cvent certification has become a permanent fixture in our event management curriculum."

Penny Prichard | University of North Carolina, Greensboro — Spring 2012

University of North Carolina-Greensboro"One of my students noted on her resume that she completed the Cvent University Certification program. The local CVB was so impressed they hired her for a marketing position exclaiming, "Then you already know what it is all about!""

Jeffrey A. Beck | Michigan State University
Spring 2012

Michigan State University"This is the second year we have used the Cvent certification program. Students have told me that they have acquired internships because of their Cvent certification. One student, working in the event department for a major banking firm, said that she had a 'head start' in using Cvent because of the certification. Certification is important in the meeting and event industry; by gaining Cvent certification early in their careers, students learn the importance of staying up to date on technologies and their skills."

Carole Burton—Sox | University of South Carolina
Spring 2011

University of South Carolina Logo"Cvent has allowed our students to experience a real - world system with regard to event management. Not only did they learn about a recognized and widely used industry tool, they received a certification which they are proud to put on their resumes as they seek event management positions after graduation."

Peter Nyheim | Penn State University
Spring 2011

Penn State Logo"This was our first semester incorporating Cvent into the classroom and we are off to a great start. With introductory training done by Cvent representative, Kelsey Pinker, along with the training material on the website, our students really benefited. Additionally, former students who are interested in careers in lodging and events, stopped me in the hallway to find out what all the hubbub was all about. It is now part of the curriculum here."

Anthony Lack | Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland — Spring 2011

HTMI Logo"This was the first time we used Cvent
as a teaching and learning tool in our Convention
& Events Management class and it was very successful with a first time 100% pass rate. Cvent being one of the most recognized brand names
in the meetings industry really gave our students a great insight into the meetings industry and allowed them to then be able to apply these skills in a practical environment. This added extra value to their course, and with the Certification they received gives them an additional marketing benefit on their resumes. The Cvent Certification is a must for any school teaching Convention & Events Management and Cvent will now become a permanent fixture of this course for future students."

Patty Farmer | University of Denver
Spring 2011

Paul Smith's College Logo"I cannot imagine teaching a Hospitality sales and Marketing class or an Event class without incorporating Cvent. I would highly recommend all the Universities Hospitality programs require all students to participate in Cvent and achieved there certification. 6 MPI Industry professionals from The Rocky Mountain Chapter participated in one of my classes and stated," having this Cvent certification is a must in this ever changing field of Hospitality and events. Whether you are in sales at a hotel or a meeting planner Cvent is a must!"

Teresa O'Bannon | Radford University
Spring 2011

Delaware State University Logo"Tourism and Special Events students in the Radford University Recreation, Parks and Tourism Department participated in Cvent training and certification during the Spring of 2011. I appreciated the opportunity for the students to see how hotels, attractions and like marketed their facilities to event planners. The Supplier Network opened up an entire world to students who are planning summer jobs, internships, and professional careers. The certificate of completion was another "feather in the cap" of our talented graduates!

Erin Tierney | University of Massachusetts
Spring 2011

Endicott College Logo"This semester I implemented the Cvent certification into one of my courses and the students found the program well organized and the tutorial videos were very easy to follow. I would highly recommend this certification program and will use it again in future classes"

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