*2017 Business Aviation Safety Forum - SMS1919

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 

Meeting number: SMS1919


Stryker Aviation in Conjuction with Michigan Business Aviation Association would like to welcome you to:
The 2017 Business Aviation Safety Forum
"A Stable Approach to Safety"


It’s an exciting time for the aviation industry as we continue to grow and adapt to an almost continuous volley of changes here at home and abroad.  As professionals, we need to be well-informed, motivated and responsive to the dynamics of our environment in order to provide the highest degree of safety, service, quality and value attainable.

We feel “A Stable Approach to Safety” captures how our industry partners should view safety.  Start with a strong knowledge base – identify and mitigate risks – brief, develop and execute a plan – and then provide a series of minor corrections to stay “on course”.  Debrief in order to generate ideas for doing it better the next time, and then repeat the process!  Nobody likes surprises when it comes to safety management. Keeping your team on track promotes this stability.

We have lined up four stellar, world class presenters from vastly different functional areas of our industry.  But we will also gather in one room, those who we believe to be a representation of the finest professionals in our industry – YOU!  While it’s possible that each of our departments and business units can operate autonomously without input from any other, it is certainly not a prudent way to conduct operations.  We learn best when we draw on the experience of others – guiding each other through roadblocks and hurdles while also celebrating our successes.  So, as you listen to the lessons provided by our amazing speakers, take the time to also network and socialize with your peers in the industry.  Think of it as an opportunity to do some high-level hangar flying!

We’d like to thank each of you for attending our event and bringing your expertise to our gathering.  You, as industry leaders, have the vision, the knowledge, the open-mindedness and the experience to help pave the way toward the future.  We simply could not accomplish this Safety Forum without your support and leadership along with the support of our corporate sponsors!

Registration will close at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

The links on the left provide the Safety forum details and allows you to register as well as secure a hotel room if needed.

Should you have any questions concerning the forum, you may contact Lyndsey Waller, Aviation Scheduling Coordinator at 269 389 7709 or via email at Lyndsey.Waller@stryker.com



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