Event Overview

With the advent of highly targeted medicines – as well as the rapidly expanding orphan drug market – pharmaceutical manufacturers are struggling to understand how to effectively forecast products with relatively small patient populations.


Accurate forecasting is incredibly important for these indications, since there is a limited capacity to manufacture such products and small errors in estimation have comparatively large effects on drug requirements.


However, these are exactly the kinds of products that are difficult to forecast. Manufacturers struggle with incomplete data sets, forecasting resource constraints and ineffective toolsets designed for large patient populations and simple dosing regimens.


In this webinar


We'll outline

  • how QuintilesIMS’ Forecasting Platform can be used to build highly accurate forecasts for these special types of indications
  • more sophisticated approaches to modeling patients and their persistence on therapy, dosing regimens and patterns of dosing
  • the necessity of scenario modeling for these drug types.


Forecasting for orphan drug and small patient populations doesn’t have to be difficult. Forecasters can ‘thread the needle’ by targeting their limited resources at identifying critical variables where small changes have large impacts.


Join us in exploring how QuintilesIMS’ Forecasting Platform can balance the need for sophistication against the demand to quickly produce forecasts in this rapidly changing environment.


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