12th International Conference on Practice Teaching and Field Education in Health and Social Work
'Innovation in Practice Learning and Field Education'

St John's College, Oxford, UK
10th & 11th September, 2018


Preliminary Information on the Conference Programme

Please note that there may be some changes and there will be regular updates. It is anticipated that the full, detailed programme will be announced next month. 

Conference Themes

The overarching theme of the conference is Innovations in Practice Learning & Field Education and incorporates the 6 sub-themes

  • Technology-based innovation – the use of innovative technology in practice learning
  • Practice education tools and models
  • New perspectives in adult learning
  • Research on practice learning and field education
  • Interprofessional practice learning
  • International approaches to practice education

The Interactive Workshops, Oral presentations and Poster presentations which address one or more of the sub-themes offer a stimulating programme and will provide an opportunity for lively debate and the sharing of new ideas, knowledge and experiences. Research, inter-professional learning and international perspectives are threads which run through many presentations which have a focus on other themes and all reflect the range and diversity of innovations in practice learning and field education.

Examples of topic areas covered are given below:

Interactive Workshops - example topics:

  • Technology in Field Education: Ethical Issues and Responses
  • A Systematic Approach to creating Virtual Reality Student Experiences.
  • Google Cardboard, virtual reality and risk assessment training: A simple and novel use for a new technology
  • Digitising Experience: The Creation and Application of Immersive Simulations 
  • Mindfulness Meditation Training 
  • Making Service Users and Carers Voices Count – exploring the role of the practice educator in supporting democratic involvement in assessment via direct observation
  • Building Field Education Partnerships to Support Cultural Humility in Social Work Practice
  • Shaping reflective learning on typical, reoccurring key situations in English social work: a participatory research workshop.:
  • A facilitator’s guide to understanding educational groups to support mental health students learning in practice

 Oral presentations - example topics:

  • Incorporating Service User Feedback into Practice Placement Assessments for Student Radiographers
  • The role of interprofessional learning in developing transformative health professionals
  • Gaming Technology in the Healthcare learning environment - the journey from cutting room floor to "Hollywood" blockbuster
  • Developmental Feedback: The Hardest Words. Using Forum theatre to develop skills and confidence in giving feedback.
  • “Studentlink”: a career and future focused approach to teaching professional skills
  • An Exploration of the Impact of Technology-enhanced Teaching on learning and on practice education
  • Development of the indigenized assessment tool to discern the students' competence in casework practice
  • Addressing the emotional and unconscious aspects of practice teaching and learning - the potential of relationship-based practice.
  • The development of practice teaching social work students in Croatia – perspective of practice teachers
  • ‘Interprofessional learning in practice – an expert team not a team of experts.’

Poster presentations – example topics   

  • From selection to registration, and beyond: Supporting the student diagnostic radiographer in becoming a compassionate professional
  • “Can You Hear Me?” The Voice of the Service User
  • Promoting Fieldwork Success during Clinical Rotations: Development and Implementation of Targeted Action Plans
  • Re-branding the Direct Observation with a new measurement tool

Outline Programme  

Sunday 9th September 

2.00pm             Registration Opens – Opportunity to look round the lovely College grounds and become familiar with room locations.

5.00pm             Conference Reception

Monday 10th September 

8.30am       Registration opens      

9.15am           Welcome and Introduction

9.30 - 10.15am   Keynote Speaker: Dr. Phillip G. Clark 

10.30 - 11.00am   Concurrent Workshop and Oral presentation sessions

11.00 - 11.30am      Tea and Coffee 

11.30 - 1.00pm        Concurrent Workshop and Oral presentation sessions

1.00 - 1.45pm       Lunch

1.45 - 3.15pm       Concurrent Workshop, Oral presentation and Poster presentation sessions

3.15 - 3.45pm       Tea and Coffee

3.45 - 4.45pm        Concurrent Oral presentation and Poster presentation sessions

4.45 - 5.20pm       Keynote Speaker: Dr Jane Morris

5.20 - 5.30pm Closing Remarks 

7.00pm               Conference dinner in 18thCentury Dining Hall - St John’s College

Tuesday 11thSeptember

8.30am             Registration opens

9.30 - 8.45am          Welcome and introduction

9.45 - 10.30am     Keynote Speaker – Lord Victor Adebowale 

10.30 - 11.00am      Tea and Coffee 

11.00 - 12.30am      Concurrent Workshop and Oral presentation sessions

12.30 - 1.30pm       Lunch

1.30 - 3.00pm Concurrent Workshop and Oral presentation sessions

3.00 - 3.30pm       Tea and Coffee

3.30 - 4.30pm       Concurrent Oral presentations

4.40 - 5.15pm Keynote speaker: Siobhan Maclean 

5.15pm                 Closing Remarks and Depart. 

Conference ends.

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