Questions & Answers

Question: Do I need a visa to get into Granada?
Answer: Click on this link
Question: Answers to questions about Granada, Spain
Answer: Click on this link for answers to questions about Granada, Spain
Question: I need an invoice for my organisation to pay, how do I get this?
Answer: Register online when you get to the payment page tick the cheque option then finish, an invoice will pop up for you to download to give to your accounts payable
Question: I have registered more than one person but cannot get all their invoices - how do I get them?
Answer: Either email Margaret on with the names of the delegates you need invoices for OR Go back into the registration process using the delegates confirmation number and download their registration details
Question: How do I get a paper copy of the registration form?
Answer: There is no paper copy. If you are having difficulty filling in the online form email or ring Margaret on +61 425 220 622 and she will help you.