2-Day Advanced TSP Training for Military Financial Educators

This 2-day course is primarily for individuals providing personal financial counseling and/or financial education in military environments. It provides a fairly comprehensive overview of the Thrift Savings Plan with special emphasis on issues most relevant to military financial educators. It may also provide a basis for financial educators to build on their own TSP curriculum. While this course does not delve into the technical aspects of the plan, others who administer the TSP for uniformed services personnel in non-educational roles are still welcome to attend. Some of the topics covered include: TSP contribution rules and limits, traditional and Roth contributions, the TSP investment funds, loans, withdrawals, and death benefits. Students will learn the rules that govern roll-ins, roll-outs, and the early withdrawal penalty, and will discuss how participating in the TSP can benefit career military members as well as those who do not expect to earn a military retirement benefit.


  • Where

  • Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
    77 K Street NE, Suite 1000
    Washington, District of Columbia 20002

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