Welcome 2013 Best Western Products Showcase Exhibitors!

Dear Exhibitor,

I'm delighted that you have decided to join us for the Best Western North American Convention Products Showcase to be held October 17 – 19, 2013 at The Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas..

To ensure strong tradeshow floor traffic, we’ll be awarding five iPads per hour for every show hour.  As you’ve probably witnessed in the last couple of years, these hourly prize draws create high excitement and strong traffic.  The theme for this year's gathering is “People Who Care“.  We will be focused on expressing this sentiment to the members, just as they express it to their guests.  We appreciate the caring attitude shown by exhibitors like you in providing our members with essential goods and services they need to run their businesses.

Here are just a few of our successes this year in which you've had a hand:

• Over $20 million dollars in sales at the 2012 Convention Products Showcase
• Continued double-digit sales growth year over year through bestwesternsupply.com.
• Another strong year for our Phoenix and Toronto based sales teams.
• Total sales reached record levels in 2012 and are on a pace for a new record in 2013.

It's been another banner year, and we are looking forward to culminating it with the best Products Showcase ever.  We look forward to you joining us in San Antonio to celebrate our unique partnership.


Richard J. Bennett
Vice President
Best Western Supply & Design Services

Please contact Judy Wexell at 602-957-5856 or
judy.wexell@bestwestern.com for assistance.