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All lectures held at the Alii Surf Ballroom of the Royal Kona Resort, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

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Sunday October 5, 2014
Exercise is Medicine
7:30 Exercise is Medicine: The Underfilled Prescription Barry A. Franklin, PhD
8:10 Exercise as a Therapeutic Agent Carl J. Lavie, MD
8:50 Obesity and Exercise: Lessons Learned from Tobacco Andrew Pipe, CM, MD
9:30 Break
10:00 Exercise and Brain Health; What is the Connection Bob Sallis, MD,
10:40 High Intensity Training in Health and Disease Martin J. Gibala, PhD
11:20 The Obesity Paradox Carl J. Lavie, MD
12:00 My Road to Kona (Ironman lottery slot winner) Michael Melton, MD
12:15 Adjourn
12:15 Product Workshop TBA Complimentary
1:00 Mark Allen Triathlon Clinic $50 fee-advance signup required
3:00 Swim Clinic I $10 fee-advance signup required
4:00 Swim Clinic II $10 fee-advance signup required
Monday October 6, 2014
Musculoskeletal Issues
7:30 Acute Knee Ligament Injuries Mary Lloyd Ireland, MD
8:10 Evaluation of Leg Pain in Runners Fred H. Brennan, Jr., DO
8:50 Evidence Based Treatment of Patellofemoral Pain Francis G. O’Conner, MD
9:30 Break
10:00 The Thrower’s Shoulder Mary Lloyd Ireland, MD
10:40 Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries William O. Roberts, MD
11:20 Cases that Kept Me Awake at Night Mary Lloyd Ireland, MD
12:00 Adjourn

Optional Clinic

DJO Global  Running Clinic

 Jim Bruskewitz and Greg Holgate, DJO Global
6:00 Welcome Reception with live music
Tuesday October 7, 2014
The Risks of Exercise
7:30 Approach to the Patient with Exertional Syncope Francis G. O’Conner, MD
8:10 Sudden Cardiac Death Andrew Pipe, CM, MD
8:50 Extreme Endurance Exercise and Cardiotoxicity Carl J. Lavie, MD
9:30 Break
10:00 Pre-participation Cardiovascular Assessment Francis G. O’Conner, MD
10:40 Putting the Risk of Exercise into Perspective Barry A. Franklin, PhD
11:20 Reducing Adverse Outcomes at Endurance Events William O. Roberts, MD
12:15 Adjourn


Optional Workshop:

DJO Global Product Workshop-Motion is Medicine.


Lisa Holt, PhD

1:00 Swim Clinic III $10 fee-advance signup required
Wednesday October 8, 2014
The Physically Challenged Athlete

Optional Workshop

Backjoy Workshop-Performance Posture: Get Faster

Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS 
1:00 History of the Paralympic Movement Walter R. Thompson, PhD
1:40 Lessons Learned from Disabled Athletes Wayne Derman, PhD
2:20 Disabled Athlete Classification Walter R. Thompson, PhD
3:00 Break
3:30 Issues with the Stump-Socket Interface Wayne Derman, PhD
  Ironman Legends Series
4:10 “History of the Physically Challenged Athlete at Ironman” Bob Babbitt
4:30 Physically Challenged Athlete Panel Discussion Bob Sallis, MD,
5:30 Adjourn
5:30 Medical Tent Orientation and Shirt Pick-up Paul Berlin
Thursday October 9, 2014
Ironman® Medicine

Optional Lecture

Endurance Fueling: Defying Sports Nutrition Paradigms

Ben Greenfield, MS
12:00 Lunch on own  
1:00 Nutrition for Performance Walter R. Thompson, PhD
1:40 Nitrate Supplementation: The Next Magic Bullet? Martin J. Gibala, PhD
2:20 Update on Hyponatremia in the Endurance Athlete William O. Roberts, MD
3:00 Break
3:30 Caring for Mass Casualties: Lessons from Iraq to Boston Fred H. Brennan, Jr., DO
4:10 History of Ironman Medical Care Robert Laird, MD, FAAP
4:50 Ironman Medical Tent- Evaluations and Treatment Bob Sallis, MD,
5:30 Drawing for 2015 Ironman Lottery Slot
5:40 Final Adjourn
Saturday October 11, 2014
2014 Ironman® World Championship
630 AM to 12 midnight Robert Laird, MD, & Bob Sallis, MD
Ironman Medical Tent “Mini-Internship”– conference participants are invited to volunteer for a 5-hour session working as part of the Ironman Medical team caring for race participants, under the direct supervision of conference faculty





































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