Workshop Descriptions

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Get ready this year for rekindling some fond memories and sparking new experiences during the delegate conference workshops, intended to develop understanding and skills to support us leading change through our Labor Management Partnership.


We are offering workshops that will engage the curiosity, intellect, emotion and humor of delegates to the conference—all in the interest of developing the kind of understanding and skills we need to talk and walk leadership. We have updated Healthy Workforce workshops, original SEIU Education Fund and National Workforce Planning and Development sessions that will help prepare us for online learning and changes in our work, and such new diversity workshops as “Creating an LGBTI-Inclusive Health Care Organization” and “Understanding the Cultural Framework of Communication.” Look for such new offerings from the Union Coalition Steward Learning Program as “Organizing in Partnership,” “Our National Agreement” and “Keeping Health Care Affordable,” and a workshop of the LMP Business and Economic Literacy Learning Program that features a “Jeopardy”-like game about health care reform and financing led by LMP popular educators.

Some of our workshop leaders have traveled across an ocean—or at least across a country—to lead workshops that will challenge us and provoke discussion. The inspiring and energetic Helen Bevan, innovation chief of the British National Health Service, will share her experience and learnings from around the world with “How to be a Great Change Agent.” Peter diCicco, founder and former executive director of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions and true believer in the power of partnership, is sharing his wisdom about problem solving. Charlie Huggins, who has supported the negotiation of every National Agreement since Day 1, is doing the same in a workshop intended for experienced facilitators. Don’t miss Phela Imani Townsend, a Cornell University-based educator and consultant, as she discusses innovation and transformation by examining a piece of folklore in “What Goldilocks Can Teach Us.” Or BJ Fogg, Stanford University researcher, who is bringing unit-based team leaders a tool to evaluate their health priorities. And then there’s Rue Mapp, CEO and founder of Outdoor Afro, to discuss how stepping outdoors can develop us, and link us to our communities and environment.

Inspiring. Provocative. Thoughtful leaders with a primary commitment to our growth and development. Don’t miss them!

2014 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Speaker Highlights

Tom Kochan website 2 Thomas Kochan is the George M. Bunker Professor of Management and a professor of engineering systems at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, co-director of the MIT Institute for Work and Employment Research and chair of the MIT faculty. He received his Ph.D. in industrial relations from the University of Wisconsin in 1973 and served on the faculty of the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations from 1973 to 1980. Among his awards are a Doctor Honoris Cause from the University de San Martin de Porres de Lima, the Heneman Career Achievement Award from the Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management and the Cushing-Gavin Award from the Labor Guild of the Archdiocese of Boston. Kochan’s two most recent books, both published in 2008, are Up in the Air: How Airlines Can Improve Performance by Engaging their Employees and Healing Together: The Kaiser Permanente Labor Management Partnership.

Rue_Mapp Rue Mapp, CEO and founder of Outdoor Afro, has been on the leading edge of relevant messaging and community engagement for 20 years. Her innovative leadership and network weaving inspires communities into action, and has been recognized by the Obama administration, the outdoor retail industry, the National Wildlife Federation and Backpacker Magazine. Mapp is listed in The Root 100 List of Most Influential African Americans for 2012, as a NewsOne 2013 Game Changer, and as an adviser for the Children and Nature Network, among many other distinctions. As a well-known Outdoor Afro strategist, Mapp has published hundreds of blog postings and is quoted widely in many publications, including Grist, Outside Magazine, High Country News, Audubon, Jet and Ebony magazines. Since creating Outdoor Afro in 2009, Mapp has launched a national team of outdoor leaders. The leaders design local outdoor experiences that speak to the values and history for thousands of men and women of all ages. Mapp holds a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, is mother to three active children, and resides in Oakland, where she enjoys a wide variety of outdoor recreation, the visual arts, New American cuisine and entertaining at home.

Gayle Tang Portrait Gayle Tang is senior director of National Linguistic and Diversity Infrastructure Management for Kaiser Permanente. Tang pioneers innovations in diversity management, infrastructure and systems design, culturally and linguistically competent care and workforce development. She is the principal architect of the award-winning Health Care Interpreter Certificate Program, Qualified Bilingual Staff Model and Program, Clinician Cultural & Linguistic Assessment—A Language Concordance Initiative, and Kaiser Permanente’s National Virtual Translation Center, a state-of-the art customized and centralized quality translation platform. Tang leads Kaiser Permanente’s Centers of Excellence in Culturally Competent Care, aimed at creating systems to address health and health care disparities and promote equitable health outcomes. To date, there are 11 Centers of Excellence in Culturally Competent Care throughout Kaiser Permanente’s regions, which serve as learning laboratories integrating culturally specific, linguistically appropriate, and population-based strategies into systems of care and programs for health equity.  

phelan Phela Imani Townsend is a consultant/educator at the Healthcare Transformation Project of the Cornell University Industrial and Labor Relations School. The project was established in 1997 to assist union and management health care leaders in radically creating more integrated delivery systems to improve patient care and reduce costs. Townsend draws on a rich background in labor and employee relations in aerospace and consumer retail goods manufacturing and, most recently, health care industries. She has led management and frontline employees in workforce reorganizations and managed conflict/dispute resolutions as well as advised and coached business leaders on team and leadership development. Townsend has a B.S. in industrial relations from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where she focused on organizational change and design.

New Delegate Orientation Breakfast

The food is healthy; the company is divine; the information is priceless.

If you are a first-time delegate to the Union Coalition Delegate Conference, make sure you attend the orientation breakfast on Sunday, April 13, from 7–8:15 a.m. in Room 210 of the San Jose Convention Center. Hosted by the Union Coalition’s Simone Zimmer and Josh Rutkoff, the breakfast experience not only is tasty, but also offers you plenty of company in other first-time delegates and lots of tips about how to take best advantage of the opportunities for learning, meeting new people and enjoying yourself at the conference.

Make sure you get more information about the breakfast when you register onsite.

Test Your Volunteer Skills

Have a hankering to give directions? Play a bit of harmony? Give voice to others?

Veteran delegate conference participants, lend us your experience. You can help new delegates get the lay of the land by volunteering to help. When you do, you not only earn some satisfaction by extending your hand, but also receive a limited-edition 2014 delegate conference volunteer T-shirt and recognition during plenary sessions from the podium. Here’s all you have to do:

  • Provide information and direction to other delegates as an usher

  • Distribute T-shirts

  • Staff microphones in the plenary session

  • Ring chimes to call delegates back to plenary session

  • Assist with workshops

If you want to help with any of these tasks—and we hope you do—make sure to answer “Yes!” to question #6 during your online registration.

Popular Educators and UCLA Participants

If you are attending our Popular Educators Forum, scheduled for Thursday, April 10, in the Marriott Hotel, or the Union Coalition Learning Academy, scheduled for a half-day on Friday, April 11, and a full day on Saturday, April 12, in the San Jose Convention Center, please make your hotel reservations on this site. Click on the “reservations” tab above for hotel and ground transportation information.


If you are attending the Union Coalition Learning Academy, please also register for that event on this site by clicking the “Union Coalition Learning Academy” tab above.