29 February - 1 March 2016


29-30 March 2016


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What is Leading with Values and Purpose? (previously offered as "Conscious Leadership")

Finding creative solutions to complex business challenges AND fulfilling our own professional and personal priorities is the biggest challenge most leaders face today.

Becoming a more conscious leader requires a high level of personal mastery – to be “in the dance” AND “on the balcony” at the same time. How can we be able to execute in challenging environments and resolve conflict (in the dance) AND at the same time, be (on the balcony) aware of the patterns and interdependencies of our system – our stakeholders, our people and most importantly, ourselves and our own sense of Purpose?

In becoming more self aware, we develop the ability to transform our mindsets and behaviours, and we can lead with greater focus, empathy and purpose. In learning to lead through our values, we engage and inspire our self and others to make a bigger difference and achieve great outcomes.

This program is one of the personal leadership element of our flagship “High Performance Team Transformation” 9-month program that we run for our clients across sectors including financial, mining, oil and gas, construction, engineering, logistics and professional services organisations. This public program gives our clients an opportunity to take that “deep-dive” on their leadership outside any organisational constraints.


Participants will develop:
  • Deeper self-awareness and insights into what drives you as a person, leader, parent, etc
  • Skills in relationship-building, especially in how you can consciously build trust and influence others.
  • Insights in how effectively you perceive, and react to your reality, and learn skills in how to overcome any “de-railing” reactive habits
  • A greater sense of purpose; what’s important to you, using a comprehensive goal-setting framework to help you to re-focus on and achieve your deepest desires in life.


  • Are experienced leaders, as well as those who are emerging new leadership roles
  • Wish to engage and inspire others
  • Feel that their current level of satisfaction may have temporarily reached a plateau
  • Would like to build more trusting relationships and influence others more
  • Are seeking a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their life and work
  • This course is especially valuable for our coaching clients who can jump start their personal development at an accelerated rate.

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