In this course, we will explore how to create a Financial Planning process for your practice that suits your style, your clients and your business and that embeds all aspects of compliance so that compliance is no longer a separate activity after the fact. We take a closer look at the role that technology can play in the Financial Planning Process. Lastly we will look at how to create a report for the client that is easy to read, easy to understand and that covers all the important facts of the Financial Plan, based on a case study. 
Learning Outcomes / Objectives
1. Explain what a financial planning process is;
2. Discuss and explain each financial planning area;
3. Identify the steps in the financial planning process;
4. Define stages in the financial planning process;
5. Create and map out a unique process for your business to deliver financial planning to your clients;
6. Explain why reviewing the process is important;
7. Discuss the role technology plays in the process;
8. Understand what your existing software can already do for you;
9. Create a framework for your written financial plans to clients;
10. Design the content for your written financial plans to clients;
11. Draft an action plan for clients.
 Presented by Fancois Du Toit, CFP®
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Course Topic:
Integrated Financial Planning

(Please note that this is an online course)
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