2016 STRATMOR Compensation Connection

Pay the right amount to the right employee at the right time.

Survey Background

Determining compensation amounts and structure is fundamental to ensuring that your organization hires and retains the best talent while simultaneously controlling costs and justifying compensation to your stakeholders.

The STRATMOR Compensation Connection is your link to gain valuable insights on the market as well as provide insight into what your competitors are paying for critical positions. Our unique approach to gathering and separating data into useful profiles and relevant categories enables STRATMOR to offer these surveys based on the following modules, thereby allowing you to choose your level of participation:

  • Executive Management
  • Retail Sales
  • Consumer Direct Sales
  • TPO Sales
  • Fulfillment (All Channels)
  • Production Support
Participant responses are further segmented to provide relevant analyses:
  • Independents vs. bank-owned lenders

  • Production scale brackets  to differentiate between large and mid-size lenders

  • Relevant position-related metrics (tenure, management scope)

  • Key executive, sales, and back office roles within your organization

  • Compensation structures along with compensation levels

As is our custom, and to assure confidentiality, this will be conducted as a “blind” survey.
  All survey results will be aggregated and individual company results will not be disclosed to any party, nor will we display the results in such a way that individual company responses could be determined.

By participating in this survey, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing your responses versus the survey averages as well as segmented analysis based on key company differences and characteristics. Our intent is to provide more granular analysis to allow you to hone in on the best peer subsets for comparison and calibration.

Note that this survey was conceived of and is being managed solely by the STRATMOR Group, an independent consulting firm
, in response to client requests.

Survey Timing

Deadline for submission is September 30, 2016 for the Fall session.

STRATMOR will compile the data, analyze the results and send out the individualized reports.

Our ability to deliver on this deadline depends on the promptness with which the survey participants return their submissions. Our goal here is to provide actionable data on a timely basis. Each lender will receive a personalized confidential comparison of its compensation data compared to the group averages for each position surveyed. For select positions, STRATMOR will statistically analyze the relationships that might exist between compensation levels and such variables as production volume, department staffing and productivity. We will also present compensation trends based on our outcomes from previous surveys. Our intention is to breathe some life into the numbers wherever possible.

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