2016 STRATMOR LOS Technology Insight Survey

This survey is closed for participants. If you are interested in the results or participating next year, please contact technologyinsight@stratmorgroup.com

Thank you for your interest in the STRATMOR Technology Insight Survey.  We are currently analyzing the responses from our 2016 survey and expect to have the results available for purchase in November 2016.  If you are interested in purchasing the results or have any questions about the STRATMOR Technology Insight Survey, please contact technologyinsight@stratmorgroup.com.

Uncovering Vendor Market Share and Lenders' LOS Perceptions and Experiences

Survey Background

  • Do you know what Point-of-Sale, Lead Management and Document systems are being used by your peers?
  • How did your TRID experience compare to other lenders?
  • What is the true market share of Loan Origination System (LOS) providers?
  • How did your LOS implementation experience compare to other lenders on the same system and other systems? 


Based on STRATMOR’S regular interactions with hundreds of origination firms through our extensive consulting work and in our IT Advisory practice, we know that lenders share our frustration with the lack of objective information available about the various commercially available LOS solutions. There is, of course, no lack of “noise” from myriad, marketing-oriented articles and anecdotal opinions about specific LOS mortgage technology solutions, but there is no clear “signal” presenting a consolidated, reliable, and objective point of view on the LOS vendor landscape. Specifically, aggregated hard data regarding which LOS solutions lenders have chosen and the extent to which they are satisfied with their experience both implementing and using their systems in daily operations.

STRATMOR intends to fill this information gap with the 2016 STRATMOR LOS Technology Insight Survey that will capture and consolidate incisive information regarding commercial-off-the-shelf (“COTS”) and proprietary Loan Origination Systems, the scope of available functionality they provide, and levels of their implementation success.

Originally designed to provide lenders with objective information about various commercially available and proprietary LOS solutions, the 2016 STRATMOR LOS Technology Insight Survey  has been expanded to include information about Point-of-Sale and Lead Management systems and vendor readiness for TRID.

As with prior surveys, the 2016 STRATMOR LOS Technology Insight Survey  will capture detailed information – from a senior executive perspective – as to both LOS and vendor satisfaction.  This survey is for Lenders Only and should take less than 20 minutes to complete. 

To preview the survey questions, click here: 2016 STRATMOR Technology Insight Printable Survey

Participation is FREE and Lender respondents will receive a high-level summary of overall market share by vendor.

Detailed survey results and STRATMOR’s proprietary analysis of our findings will also be made available for purchase that will break out the full range of survey questions by respondent organization (independent, bank owned, etc.), origination channels, and by company size (origination volumes). A list of these survey questions are available upon request.

As is STRATMOR’s practice, to assure confidentiality, we will conduct this as a “blind” survey. All survey results will be aggregated; individual company results will not be disclosed, nor will we publish the results in a way that would enable individual respondent identities to be derived.

Note that this survey was conceived of and is being managed solely by the STRATMOR Group, an independent consulting firm, in response to client requests.


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