2016 World Vision Conference - Event Recap

Rich Stearns Keynote
Eliminating extreme poverty in our lifetimes

In his keynote address, World Vision U.S. President Rich Stearns celebrated the remarkable progress made over the last 20 years in the fight against poverty and oppression, and gave a clarion call for World Vision and Christians to take the lead in completely eliminating extreme poverty in our lifetimes. 

“I am overwhelmed with the size of Rich Stearns' vision. He seems to believe that--under God's auspices--we can end deep poverty in all the countries served by World Vision. God willing, it can be done, I believe. We have seen big steps made toward it. Who would have been audacious enough to make such a goal? God bless him and God bless World Vision.”

“Rich’s talk about the new campaign was both informative and motivational. With all the negative talk in our society about immigration, it was good to hear the case for doing something to help those in need.”

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