2016 World Vision Conference - Event Recap

The Chung Family
A Story only God could write

When Vinh Chung was just 3 years old, his family was rescued by World Vision’s Operation Seasweep after fleeing communist Vietnam as refugees. In this video, Vinh shares that remarkable story.  Together, Vinh and Leisle share their very personal and poignant life and faith journey.  Their son, Caleb, also takes the stage and shows us the simple truth.

“We have heard about the boat people: faceless refugees from a land where insanity has taken over, similar to the people fleeing Syria these days. To hear what can happen when a family takes care of each other, and other people hear the voice of God and set out to do something crazy, like go out and rescue some of those boat people--this makes it all make sense. The Chung family's courage and the World Vision staff's persistence made a difference in the world that cannot easily be calculated.”

“The Chungs: There are no words! Except maybe wow!”


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