2017-2018 Quality Texas Training Sessions

2017-2018 Quality Texas Training Sessions

The Quality Texas Foundation is offering the following 3-day training sessions. You may register for one or more of the training sessions when you begin the registration process. The fee for each training session is $600.

This training is designed for those individuals who are new to the Criteria and new to Quality Texas processes. All new Examiners to QTF should attend. We will be reviewing the pre-work requirement for the Regular Examiner Training. Returning Examiners less than three years are encouraged to attend especially if they have not served on an Examiner Team.

This training is designed as an annual refresher for those who have been members of a team and have a desire to keep updated on the most recent changes. There is a requirement to accomplish some pre-work prior to class. Additionally, if your organization is writing an application, you should send around 5 -7 people to this training; WE teach the test! This class is continually changing based upon the latest information and training from the national program.

This seminar is designed for anyone who is in a leadership position from CEO/Superintendent level to aspiring leaders who are not yet in those leadership positions. This class contains the latest leadership information, generational differences, personality differences, working with difficult people, and 19 topics that can elevate your knowledge of leadership. It is based upon over 3,500 leadership books, case studies, YouTube videos, and much, much more. The classes have had 100% satisfaction.

This training is designed stretch the organization and fully understand the reason to complete strategic planning. Some of the latest material regarding how to conduct strategic planning will be reviewed along with specific definitions of strategic planning. It is recommended that each organization send 5 to 7 people which will be at the same table for the duration of the training. This training has a workbook that is unambiguously intended to maximize continuous improvements of the organization. Topics include a review of the culture, what is strategy, the importance of a dynamic vision, discussion of what we do now (mission), and how to determine the appropriate goals for the organization overall and down to subordinate elements. This seminar is highly interactive with opportunities to work with your group and improve current strategic planning activities. The seminar will also include a personal strategic planning component.

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