Conference Education Sessions

Thursday, June 8 | 1:00 pm  2:30 pm

Overcoming the Challenges of Leadership Development

Dave Ragan

Developing the leaders of tomorrow for an organization presents its own set of challenges, developing today’s leaders is even more challenging. CO-OP Financial Services is currently delivering leadership development to over 130 of their current leaders to better prepare them for future workforces, elevate the culture and to ensure each leader is consistently demonstrating positive leadership qualities. Learn more about some of the challenges they faced, how they overcame these challenges and about the success they have seen throughout the program.

Medical Marijuana Out of the Shadows: A New Michigan Industry
Vandenberg B

Lance Boldrey and Elizabeth Khalil

Last year, Michigan’s governor signed the new Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act. Beginning in December of 2017, Michigan businesses will be able to apply for licenses as marijuana growers, processors, test labs, retailers and transporters. The State projects the medical marijuana market will exceed $700 million. How will this market develop? What is next? What will be the impact to credit unions and their members? This session explores these questions and more.

Future of Payments
Vandenberg A

Tom Davis

Take a look at life beyond EMV and find out what can be expected from the next round of “Pays” and how biometrics and wearables will fit in. Amazon Alexa, checkout-less shopping and the “internet of things” is changing the way people shop and buy.  How will this change the future of payments? Find out in this presentation that will also delve into the world of Bitcoin and Blockchain, and the role they play in the future of payments, by uncovering what there is to know about this underlying technology. Now is the time to get in on this conversation about how all of this will affect the future of financial services and what credit unions can do to stay competitive and thrive.

Sponsored by North American Bancard

Step Forward Michigan: Default Mortgage and Property Tax Relief
Grand View

Chad Coffman

Get the latest on how the Michigan State Housing Development Authority can help credit unions help their members get assistance with delinquent mortgage or property tax payments. Learn how credit union members can apply for a 0% interest forgivable loan of up to $30,000 that can be used to bring their delinquent mortgage current, including all outstanding payments, escrow advances, legal fees and other corporate advances. For non-escrowed loans, this program can also be used to pay outstanding property taxes directly to the County Treasurers office. The Step Forward Michigan program has helped over 33,000 Michigan homeowners! Be ready with this valuable information for members needing assistance.

Sponsored by MSHDA

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