Conference Education and Ignite Sessions

Friday, June 9 | 2:15 pm  3:15 pm

Making the Credit Union Difference: MCUF Showcase

Beth Troost

The Michigan Credit Union Foundation is a catalyst for impactful credit union community reinvestment and financial education activities. These are the activities that make credit unions unique. Join this session to explore opportunities for both unique and turn-key activities that the Foundation can help implement in credit unions and communities. Share best practices and be inspired by talking with credit unions professionals about their impactful social mission activities and the help they received from the Foundation.

Sponsored by Michigan Credit Union Foundation

Ignite Sessions
Imperial Ballroom

Facilitated by Kevin Smith
With Melissa Osborn, Heather Simon, Tiffany Fisher, Paula Rose, Jay Peters, Justin Bamford, Ashley Lister and Keith Burke

What is Ignite? The idea is simple. Ignite is an event of short talks, with a twist. The motto is “Enlighten us, but make it quick!” Speakers get just five minutes with 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds to make their point, enlighten and entertain. Ignite is a platform perfectly designed to feature professionals from a variety of personal and educational backgrounds interested in sharing their passion, their causes and their meaningful moments. Get ready to be inspired with great stories from mulitple speakers, who will share five minute presentations that are sure to be remembered!

A CEO at Every Desk: Enterprise-Wide Leadership

Pantlind Ballroom

Jeff Rendel

Leadership does not only reside at the top of an organization. Leadership comes from the middle and frontline –- right where members and colleagues expect it most. Leadership is no longer top-down, but rather up, down and across organization charts and job descriptions. With a requirement for exceptional leadership in the all-important positions responsible for delivering on the vision and mission of a credit union, leaders must apply their influence upward upon superiors, across to their fellow managers, down to the team members they supervise and directly to the members they serve.

Sponsored by Plante Moran

Avoid Missing a Big Idea
Vandenberg B

Patrick Adams

Transactional vs Transformational Leadership – it is the battle fought all day, by all boards and employees. Yes, it is tactically important to ensure success, but at the expense of missing the next big thing? Do not let this happen. Post-It notes should not be dictating each day and putting out fires gets old. Spending entire board meetings talking about what already happened---really? Transformational leaders are needed at all levels of the organization. Take this time to learn how to balance daily responsibilities with a refreshed approach to gain an even greater advantage.

The Four P’s of Propagating Positive Performance
Vandenberg A

Michael Cochrum

It would be much easier to get things done if everyone simply agreed and held no personal agendas. However, that will never be the case and it is important to know that conflict, or team disunity, is the costliest of all business disrupters. Join in for this look at four collaborative landmines that can stymie any project, along with strategies to help navigate the intrepid waters of team dynamics, and leave feeling inspired to return to the next project with renewed enthusiasm by know more about how to develop productive and effective teams and leaders.

Sponsored by CU Direct


Barry Thompson

“Hack Them, Steal Them, Crack Them” -- passwords are the main form of protection for many applications inside a credit union. Even with multiple levels of protection the password is still an integral key to gaining control of a computer system. This eye-opening program shows the steps a hacker, social engineer, family member or friend uses to obtain passwords. Learn about websites that can be used to develop the information necessary to crack a password and see firsthand where people have used to hide passwords that are commonly found by criminals. After showing how easily passwords can be compromised, tips on ways to toughen passwords will be shared. The mobile world is not forgotten either and problems affecting mobile phones, iPhones, iPads and Androids will also be covered. Be protected with guidelines for creating strong personal passwords.

Friday, June 9 | 3:30 pm  4:30 pm

Disaster Experience QuickFire
Gerald R. Ford Ballroom

Bob Mellinger

Note: This is a 90-minute session that runs until 5:00 pm
Chances are that while reading this, an unexpected disaster is causing a credit union stress and confusion and is affecting its ability to provide products and services to its customers. Are the credit union’s leaders prepared to handle it? Will they be able to recover? Disasters of every shape, size, look and feel happen all the time, affecting businesses, people’s jobs, lives and families. It is never too early to make a plan.

Roundtable Forum of Today’s Burning Issues
Imperial Ballroom

Kevin Smith

Use this time to meet people with similar issues and new perspectives during this interactive forum where issues of the day will be discussed. What is keeping credit union professionals up at night? This and so much more will be explored, as attendees share inspiring stories, talk about situations that have made the most impact and consider future goals and past achievements. Through targeted and intentional networking, attendees will walk away with more solutions and more colleagues to rely on.

Sponsored by Holzman Corkery PLLC

Engage Sprint to Help Grow Membership
Vandenberg B

Jeff Muglia

Learn how to take advantage of the new Sprint Love My Credit Union Rewards offer to grow credit union business and individual memberships. By partnering with Sprint retail stores and business partners, credit unions can drive membership, while offering both new and existing members a significant financial benefit. Take this time to review the new $100.00/$50.00 cash deposit offer that credit union members are qualified to receive, along with several ways to partner and drive membership and about new technology, as well as receive a Sprint network update.

Sponsored by Sprint

Mobile Security
Vandenberg A

Ken Otsuka

Mobile devices are used by members to access online banking accounts, make deposits, perform transfers and even apply for loans. They are also used by employees who connect to the network and manage email remotely. This creates a gateway for a variety of security threats that can affect mobile devices and network infrastructure. As mobile technology continues to evolve and usage continues to increase, so too will the need for capable mobile security solutions. This session will discuss controls that are available to credit unions to help minimize the exposures associated with mobile technology.

Sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group

Social Engineering: Welcome to the Jungle

Barry Thompson

Social engineers work for organized crime, gangs or their own benefit and pretend to be a member/customer. This fast moving program on preventing losses will focus on the information the identity thieves have before they even call a credit union. Attendees will learn how criminals target a credit union and try to obtain information or financial rewards and how to question a person to determine if they are a member or a thief. Demonstrations of several successful attacks will be shared showing how in everyday life, skilled social engineers steal identities.

Rethink Technology and Mobile Solutions
Grand View

Tim Bohlman

What is the new vision for enhanced mobile banking features? Some of the largest financial institutions are asking that question and launching mobile wallet and payment solutions in order to maintain their position in the payment ecosystem and provide mobile-first tools and services to their customers. This session will summarize the landscape and show how mobile resources can be designed to enhance a credit union's mobile offerings, all while matching important solutions with member's major life events.

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