It starts at the grassroots…a small wave that gathers momentum as everyone comes together in a focused direction, powered by energy, determination, and a shared purpose.  A movement is not led by one single entity.  It is the result of many coming together, showing others the direction, mentoring those that wish to follow, and creating something that moves forward despite external forces.  A movement becomes a force of its own and cannot be ignored.

It takes everyone to create a movement.  Like a multi-seat bicycle, one person pedalling will not go far.  Combined, coordinated effort allows us all to reach the destination more quickly and more efficiently.  Individual cyclists might reach a destination, but those destinations could be different…and they will all arrive at different times.  With so much presently at stake within our industry, it is imperative we arrive at our shared destination together, at the right time, with the right participants, and with the same messages.

The 2017 ASCHA Convention & Tradeshow invites you to join the seniors housing industry in creating a movement.  So gear up, pack your things…let’s go!  

Event Details

  • Where

  • Edmonton Marriott at River Cree
    300 East Lapotac Blvd.
    Enoch, Alberta T7X 3Y3

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