2017 Bali IIT

Jika Anda ingin ke halaman dalam Bahasa Indonesia silahkan klik pada menu bahasa dibagian kanan atas dan pilih nederlands

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Jika Anda ingin ke halaman dalam Bahasa Indonesia silahkan klik pada menu bahasa dibagian kanan atas dan pilih nederlands


Center for Nonviolent Communicationsm
Bali, Indonesia May 12 - 21, 2017


Jika Anda ingin ke halaman dalam Bahasa Indonesia silahkan klik pada menu bahasa dibagian kanan atas dan pilih nederlands

Locally adjusted rate is offered to Indonesians

Discover skills that will help you improve the quality of your relationships, deepen your inner peace, and increase your contribution in the world.

Join us to be part of a compassionate community learning together how to speak from the heart;

practice deep, nonjudgmental listening; and build self empowerment from the inside out.  

Join us to be part of a compassionate community learning together how to speak from the heart; practice deep, nonjudgmental listening; and build self empowerment from the inside out. This event is a 9-day residential training designed as an "immersion experience" in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) led by a team of experienced CNVC certified trainers.

The purpose is to offer you the opportunity to live the process of NVC in community over an extended period of time, in order to develop the mindsets and practical tools to help you in three areas:

Session with Sarah

1. Personal and Professional Relationships

  • Increase connection and closeness with the people you love.
  • Speak in a way that inspires compassion and understanding.
  • Initiate difficult conversations with more ease and confidence.
  • Remain centered and peaceful when receiving difficult messages.
  • Express and receive anger fully, safely and respectfully... yet powerfully.
  • Resolve long-standing conflicts and heal painful relationships.
  • Parent children from the heart and move beyond power struggles into cooperation.
  • Translate criticism, judgments and blame into life-serving messages.

2.  Inner Transformation

  • Shift patterns of thinking that lead to depression, guilt, and shame and perpetuate pain.
  • Transform anger into self-understanding, thereby increasing inner peace.
  • Enliven yourself by expressing and receiving gratitude.
  • Learn to embody unconditional love.

3.  Contribution and Social Change

We intend to prioritize these three areas within the IIT curriculum and there is also room for co-creation. There will be opportunities for you to make requests for specific topics that you imagine will support you in applying NVC in these areas of your life. You will receive much more from this IIT if you are acquainted with the basics of NVC before you come. However, if you have no previous knowledge or experience of NVC, or would like a refresher course, a foundation training will be offered during the first three or four days of the IIT.

  • Teach others a way to increase inner peace, liberate themselves and strengthen relationships.
  • Share NVC in a way that contains/transmits it's power to transform and that inspires others.
  • Create educational systems where students love learning and teachers love teaching.
  • Learn to engage in effective, lasting nonviolent social change in the tradition of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Seminar Language: English with Indonesian translation.

Dorsit Ross Trainer: Dorset Campbell-Ross
is passionate about music, healing, and creating peace in the world by spreading NVC. With a deep love for adventure, Dorset set off at 18 to explore the world within and without. He longed to know what we all have in common, and how to heal conflict and separation. He loved the magical power of music to create connection. For 15 years he played music professionally, and is now a choirmaster and composer in his hometown of Byron Bay, Australia. His self-healing journey led him to become a Counsellor in 1993, specialising in Codependency, and for 7 years he conducted Relationships workshops at the Findhorn Foundation (Scotland) and the Chrysalis Centre (Ireland). Dorset's commitment to work for peace was stimulated by the pain he witnessed and felt as volunteer crisis manager at Sangla hospital, following the Bali bomb in 2002. He became a CNVC trainer in 2004, and since 2013 has trained at IITs in Africa, Korea, and Europe, where he was delighted to offer his combination of music and NVC. He has also mediated family, corporate and refugee conflicts, and is now training to become a CNVC assessor. Dorset fell in love with Indonesia in 1970, and has taught NVC there for the last 12 years. It is his long awaited dream-come-true to be a part of the first Bali IIT. Website: nvcworks His NVC music videos: See Me Beautiful, Do You Dream the Same Dreams That I Dream?, Given To and How Cool Is That?

Simone AnlikerTrainer: Simone Anliker
Simone Anliker, lic.iur., is a CNVC Certified Trainer since 2005 and owner of Compassion & Voice. She is a co-founder of the Center for Selfcare in Lucerne. Her home base is in Switzerland, yet she loves to travel and to share NVC and Living Compassion around the world. Her interest is in spiritual psychology, healing and transformation work (emotional, trauma, relationship). She is an iEMDR Coach and a NARM-practitioner in training (both trauma specialties). Her passion is in deepening the spiritual aspects of NVC in daily life, hoping and trusting that reconnecting with our essence helps to create the world we'd love to live in. As an NVC trainer, she has worked, amongst others, with the training team of Marshall Rosenberg at the IIT in Switzerland 2009, 2011 and 2013. 

Her website is here.

Shari Elle

Trainer: Shari Elle
Shari was one of the founders of Nonviolent Communication in Australia and alongside her work with organisations, also facilitatestrainings for community groups, the government and individuals. She co-founded the 8 month Embodying NVC Consciousness Training, and trains and mentors current and upcoming NVC trainers around Australia and New Zealand. Shari has owned a number of businesses including an outsourced sales force to the architectural and interior design market, where she employed part-time high performing mothers, and structured the company systems so they could enjoy the best of both worlds - motherhood and a fulfilling career. She loves supporting the emergence of structures which contribute to life. She especially loves working with people who are embracing their own value and impact in the world. "When I witness someone realising that the very best they can do, the very best they can be, is themselves, it's the most wonderful feeling in the world." Last but definitely not least, Shari is the mother of two amazing young men, lives in Sydney and takes great pleasure in enjoying its harbour and beaches.

Robert KrzisnikTrainer: Robert Krzisnik, MS c. Psych:
He  has been working for 27 years with individuals and groups as a psychotherapist, trainer, team coach, complex meeting facilitator and conflict mediator in a wide spectrum of environments: from corporate to educational to personal and spiritual retreats. While all his work is infused with the spirit and the approach of Nonviolent Communication, he is also a dedicated practitioner of Art of Hosting practices, and an explorer of inter-cultural communication. In Nonviolent Communication he is most passionate about its spiritual aspects, as well as its use in conflict mediation (between individuals, within groups and between groups). He has shared NVC on IITs, retreats, and workshops throughout Europe and in the US, Mideast and Asia. Since his early teenage years, Robert has been eagerly exploring the spiritual realms of Self and the Whole, as well as existential questions of life, through numerous inward journeys and travels around this wonderful world. He is also an eager practitioner of Contact Improvisation, which he sees as a form of embodied NVC. He lives in Slovenia, a small country in Europe, which used to be a part of a country that does not exist anymore, but still resides in his heart—Yugoslavia. His website: www.humus.si/en Robert has given two TEDx talks, connected with Nonviolent Communication, one in 2012 on Global Citizenship, and the other in 2013 on Personal Growth.

Wayan Rustiasa
Trainer: Wayan Rustiasa

Wayan Rustiasa (Bali, Indonesia) is very passionate about education. He is the co-founder of the Karuna Bali Foundation that runs several educational programs in Bali, Indonesia. In 2007, he established Campuhan College that provides scholarships to young low-income Balinese, Indonesia to attend a one-year program on Leadership and Communication. The intention is to bridge the gap between high school and employment. He is also a certified trainer of Living Values Education, and has been working together with teachers in 46 elementary schools in Bali to improve the quality of education through the Living Values Program. Since he began living NVC, Wayan has passed it on to the entire staff of the Karuna Foundation. NVC is now an integral part of the curriculum of Leadership and Communication at Campuhan College. It was truly a privilege that Wayan was invited to give NVC workshops in several universities in Java (Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta) and also in Ambon, Moluccas. He is delighted that an IIT will be held in Bali, Indonesia and to be part of it. He believes it is a tremendous gift because it offers the opportunity to spread peace throughout wider Indonesia.


Venue: Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) & Resort

Poised on six hectares of exquisite Balinese gardens, the design of Museum and Resort seamlessly reflects the ARMA philosophy of balance between man and environment. ARMA is more than a Museum or Resort. It blends Art, Culture, and Architecture with Nature.

The main meeting room (or wantilan) is about 100 metres walk from the palatial Thai restaurant where our buffet style meals will be taken.
Upstairs in the restaurant is a large airy room that will be our second meeting place.

The third meeting place is in an open-sided building by the resort pool. If the weather is bad we will move to a room inside the art museum.
To read more about ARMA please go to their website here

Map: Can be seen here Do not take any notice of the red marker. Look instead for the Arma Museum and Resort which is correctly placed.
Rooms: Pictures of superior and deluxe rooms can be seen here


What's so special about Bali? Bali is an exquisite tropical island full of surprises and delights for mind, body and spirit, but what makes Bali truly unique is the people. The Balinese culture is a mix of animism, Buddhism and Hinduism. The result is a people who are in love with their gods, family, and community, and express their love through beautiful art, music, and dance. This expression of beauty and spirituality is seen in daily prayers of gratitude, and offerings of flowers and incense to the gods; carvings made on every structure; flowers placed on beds, pathways, and in the bathroom; smiles are given when welcoming, saying goodbye, or presenting food; care in making your stay as pleasant as can be; and gentle and quiet speaking voices.

Ubud, the venue for the IIT, is famous for healing, yoga, massage, food, art, music, and dancing. The name Ubud is derived from the word Ubad, that means medicine in Balinese. It was named in the 8th century by a Javanese priest, Rsi Markendya, who meditated at the auspicious confluence of the two rivers in Campuhan. He also found many medicinal herbs growing on the river banks there.
Balinese dances, with gamelan music accompanying them, are happening every night of the week in temples around Ubud.

Yoga studios are liberally scattered around the town, along with an abundant variety of restaurants and massage spas. Yoga classes are US$12-15/hour. Massages cost US$8-16/hour.
Cooking classes: Learn to prepare 9 dishes of Balinese food in a beautiful day spent in a country kitchen.

Bicycle rides are available in which you are transported to the top of a mountain, given a wonderful meal, and then given a bike to cycle downhill all the way back to Ubud, stopping on the way to learn about paddy field irrigation, straw mat weaving, and coffee growing.
Gentle river rafting is also available in the nearby Sayan valley.

Beautiful walks can be taken in the paddy fields, and organic, raw and vegan food is available in many restaurants.

Of special interest to some may be a visit to a traditional healer, or Balian. For more info please ask Dorset. He has worked formerly as a guide in Bali, and is a fountain of local knowledge.
Beyond the environs of Ubud there are sacred temples, volcanoes, and beaches for both snorkeling and surfing.


By air: Denpasar is the nearest airport, and is about a 1-hour drive away from Ubud. A four-person taxi costs US$36 ($9/person) one way, and cheaper shuttle buses will also be available at peak times.

By car or public transportation: When your participation in the IIT is confirmed we will provide you with further information about travel options to the venue.

Fee: Total IIT Fees consists of a tuition fee (payable in US Dollars to CNVC) and accommodation fee (payable in local currency to the venue) - as outlined in the table below.

Early Bird Discount: Receive 15% off tuition on payments received in full by 12 December 2016. Tuition Fee Payable to CNVC under this option is $1,989.
Receive 10% off tuition on payments received in full by 12 February 2017 (3 months prior to the start of IIT). Tuition Fee Payable to CNVC under this option is $2,106.

Other discounts: If you are a registered certification candidate with CNVC or have attended a CNVC IIT before, we offer you 15% discount off tuition (not to be combined with other offers).

Scholarships: The due date for Scholarship Applications for this IIT is 12 February 2017 (3 months prior to the start of the IIT.)

IIT Options and Fees (for 9-day training): 

IIT Options and Fees (For a 9-Day Training):

Accommodation Type

Accommodation Fee

Prices in USD$ per person payable to the venue (see below)

Tuition Fee (without discounts)

Price in USD$

Payable to CNVC

Single Double or Twin Triple
Luxury Room Options with Ensuite bathroom, A/C and pool  
A: Luxury room at venue (ARMA Deluxe and Superior) $1035 $630 $585 $2340
Venue across the road from ARMA with A/C and pool  
 B: Large Luxury room (Grand Sunti - Super Deluxe) $792 $513 $468 $2340
C; Smaller Luxury room (Grand Sunti - Deluxe) $729 $477   $2340  
with Ensuite bathroom and Fan Cooled  

D: Bungalow (Guci)

$531 $378 $342 $2340
E: Villa (Guci) $630 $432 $360 $2340
with Ensuite bathroom, A/C and pool access $2340
F: Luxury room (Casa Ganesha) $495 $360   $2340
G; Standard room (Kamandhani Cottages) $459 $342   $2340
H: Small standard room (Kamandhani Hostel) no pool access  $396 $315   $2340
I: not available $-- $---   $---
J: Shared dormitory room (4-8 curtained beds), own locker, shared bathroom, A/C (Kamandhani)  $297     $2340
Staying off site (you live locally)
K: Commuter - no room but includes lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and use of facilities. $225     $2340

For all accommodation inquiries and payments please contact the Agung Rai Museum and Resort (ARMA) at reservation@armabali.com

Banking details:

Jl. Raya Andong, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
Account Name: Anak Agung Gede Rai
Account Number: for US$ payments: 00 493 94 135

All Prices are in American Dollars. ALL ROOMS SUBJECT TO AVAILABLITY Breakfast is provided at your accommodation. Lunch and Dinner will be provided at the IIT Venue (ARMA). Bed linen and towels are replaced daily in luxury accommodation, and when necessary in other accommodation. All rooms and bathrooms are cleaned daily. For more details and photos of your accommodation go to accommodation website (by photos above).

How to register:

  1. Click here to Register sent at least a $100 payment is in US Dollars to CNVC.
  2. Applications sent before 12 April, 2017 need to include full or partial payment, with a minimum of $100. The balance is due on 12 April, 2017. For applications sent on or after 12 April, 2017 please include all fees
  3. CNVC and organizer team usually acknowledges your application within 5 business days; please contact the IIT department if you did not receive an acknowledgement within this time.

For questions about registration or payment please contact the IIT Department at +1 505-244-4041 (USA) or email at iit@cnvc.org or

For travel, accommodation and food questions contact the organizer of the Bali IIT, Miranda Suyadjaja, at +62 812 36745423 (Bali) or email: sayamiranda@gmail.com

**Attendance at an IIT is a request of those who wish to become CNVC certified trainers, and it is highly recommended to anyone who wishes to share NVC, whether you want to be certified or not. more info here


  • When

  • Friday, May 12, 2017 - Sunday, May 21, 2017
    17:00 - 12:00
    Taipei Time

  • Where

  • Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) & Resort
    Jalan Raya Pengosekan
    (62-361) 976 659

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