• Thursday, November 2, 2017

    Refreshment Break and Exhibits

    7:15 AM  -  8:19 AM
    Registration & Continental Breakfast
    Continental Breakfast will be served in the Exhibit Area.

    General Session

    8:20 AM  -  8:29 AM
    Welcome and Announcements
    8:30 AM  -  9:29 AM
    Cybersecurity! How-to Protect Against a Data Breach and Steps to Take Should One Occur!

    i.e. Cybersecurity Issues in Financial Services and How to Stay Protected 

    While the news on cybercrime can seem daunting and the regulations overwhelming, there are affordable
    techniques to protect your network and reduce the likelihood of your data being compromised that won't break the bank. Join this lively session, open to both technical and nontechnical practitioners, to better understand the mind of cyber criminals, your legal and regulatory responsibilities and steps everyone can take to combat them.

    Presented by

    Steven Ryder, owner & president, TrueNorth Networks
    Matthew H. Meade, co-chair of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney’s Cybersecurity and Data
    Ben Cotton, CEO of CyTech

    1 CFP and CPE credit granted.

    1 PA insurance and CLE credit pending


    Refreshment Break and Exhibits

    9:30 AM  -  9:52 AM
    Refreshment Break and Exhibits

    Breakout Sessions I

    9:55 AM  -  10:55 AM
    DOL Update

    Presented by: Paul J. Brahim, CFP®, AIFA®
    Chief Executive Officer
    BPU Investment Management, Inc.

    9:55 AM  -  10:55 AM
    Planning for Equity Compensation

    Presented by Todd A. Sacco, J.D., CPA/PFS, ABV, Senior Manager, Lally & Co., LLC

    This session will demonstrate the various types of equity compensation available to executives.  It will also describe the applicable tax laws and securities regulations.  Finally, the session will provide planning strategies for professionals to use with their executive clients.

    1 CFP, 1 PA insurance and 1 CPE Credit Granted.
    1 CLE pending.

    9:55 AM  -  10:55 AM
    Growing Goodness: Retain Assets and Change Relationships

    Presented by: Jennie Zioncheck, MFT, CAP, Director of Development at The Pittsburgh Foundation and Kate McKenzie, D.Sc, CAP, Senior Development Officer at The Pittsburgh Foundation

    Financial Advisors compete for a relatively small number of significant wealth holders. Facilitating conversations with clients about their philanthropic interests is a way that advisors set themselves apart from the competition and help give back to the community.  Assisting clients to plan and carry out their philanthropic intent deepens the advisor/client relationship and creates an opportunity to retain charitable assets under management.  During this session, attendees are invited to participate in an interactive discussion on personal and professional assumptions that shape attitudes and behaviors around money and philanthropy, as well as the changing landscape of advising and charitable giving.  

    Presenters will also cover giving, both nationally and locally, and will provide an overview of The Pittsburgh Foundation and their broad range of services to charitable clients and advisors.

    CFP, PA insurance and CLE credit pending.
    1 CPE credit granted.


    Breakout Sessions II

    11:00 AM  -  12:00 PM
    Discretionary Payments & Other Fiduciary Exercises of Discretion

    Presented by Lynn C. Halpern 

    Managing Director and Senior Fiduciary Counsel
    Bessemer Trust

    This presentation will cover the exercise of trustee discretion, including distributions and other fiduciary decision-making.  First, a trustee’s fiduciary duties to beneficiaries will be discussed.  Then, the talk will cover the process for discretionary distributions in detail, including all the information trustees should evaluate in making such determinations, including not limited to the language of the trust instrument, a statement of the trust assets, a budget if appropriate, prior requests for distribution, a Monte Carlo simulation, the income tax consequences of the proposed distribution, approval of any co-trustees, etc.  Next, other fiduciary exercises of discretion will be outlined (“special” investments, borrowing or lending, merger or severance of a trust, modifications, etc.).  Finally, the presentation will cover the power to adjust between income and principal and conversion to a unitrust. 

    1 CFP and CPE credit granted.
    PA insurance and CLE.

    11:00 AM  -  12:00 PM
    Factors: A New Lens for Portfolio Construction

    Presented by Robert Nestor, CFA, Managing Director and Head of US iShares Strategic Product Segments

    In the session, we will talk about the underpinnings of factor investing – what are factors, how and why they drive risk and return in a portfolio, and how factors can provide a new lens through which investors can construct diversified portfolios that help reach common objectives. 

    1 CFP, 1 PA Insurance and 1 CPE credit granted

    1 CLE credit pending

    11:00 AM  -  12:00 PM
    Social Security: Key Concepts and Sophisticated Strategies to Maximize Benefits

    Presented by Gail Buckner, CFP Professional, CRPS, AIF
    Vice President
    National Financial Planning Spokesperson
    Franklin Templeton Investments

    Deciding on a strategy for claiming Social Security benefits might not be as complex if your client worked long enough to earn the required number of quarters and was never married. However, when you add two-income couples and/or divorce into the mix—both historically high among baby boomers—the decisions become very complicated. Making the wrong choices can result in less income for the rest of your client’s life.

    Join our presentation to learn more about surprisingly complex situations including:
    * When to consider claiming Social Security benefits
    * How being married, divorced or widowed can impact your client’s benefits
    * How to potentially give your client’s Social Security check a boost
    * How benefits for one spouse can be affected depending on many factors, including when and how the other spouse files

    This presentation will help to educate you on the many decisions involved in claiming Social Security benefits, as well as their consequences, and suggest strategies that can offer an opportunity to maximize the benefits received.

    1 CFP and CPE credit granted.
    PA insurance and CLE pending.

    Luncheon Speaker

    12:00 PM  -  1:00 PM
    Generational Shift: Boomers to Millennials

    The Impact of Boomers and Millennials on the Economy and Investments

    Presented by Malcolm E. Polley, CFA
    President & Chief Investment Officer
    Stewart Capital Advisors, LLC

    In this presentation, Malcolm Polley will discuss how perspective is a great teacher: How the times in which the generations grew up impacted their thinking. He will also address how generational transition masks reality in the economy and more about Millennials. Can’t work with them, can’t work (or retire) without them.

    1 CFP, 1 PA insurance and 1 CPE credit Granted
    1 CLE pending


    Refreshment Break and Exhibits

    1:00 PM  -  1:19 PM
    Dessert and Exhibits

    Breakout Sessions III

    1:20 PM  -  2:20 PM
    STOP Self-Sabotaging Your Practice!

    Presented by:
    Michelle R. Donovan, The Referability Expert for Financial Advisors
    Patty Kreamer, The Productivity Coach for Financial Advisors

    Self-sabotaging your practice means that you are in some way performing destructive or obstructive actions that are negatively impacting the growth and development of your business.  Imagine if you became aware of these self-sabotaging actions and behaviors?  Would you still do them?  This session addresses your practice from two sides: referral development and productivity.  Two experts who work exclusively with financial advisors will reveal three ways you sabotage yourself from getting more referrals and three ways you sabotage yourself from getting more done.

    1:20 PM  -  2:20 PM
    The Many Uses of Life Insurance with LTC Riders

    Presented by:
    Caroline B. McKay, JD, AVP & Counsel, Advanced Markets Group for the U.S. Individual Life operations of John Hancock

    This presentation is intended to provide participants with an introduction to life insurance with long term care riders. It reviews the need for long term care insurance, and illustrates using the rider in three financial planning concepts: wealth transfer using life insurance, using life insurance as a supplemental retirement plan, and more efficiently transferring annuity wealth through life insurance.

    CFP, PA insurance and CLE credit pending.
    1 CPE credit granted.
    1:20 PM  -  2:20 PM
    To be announced
    Details coming soon


    2:20 PM  -  2:39 PM
    Refreshment Break and Exhibits

    General Session

    2:45 PM  -  4:45 PM
    A Collaborative Approach to Business Succession Planning

    Case Study and Panel Discussion

    The presentation is done as a case study with facts designed to include insurance, financial planning, income tax, estate tax and retirement planning issues. The purpose is to demonstrate how effective advisors can be when addressing a client’s needs with the multiple disciplines found in the membership of the FSP, EPC, FPA and NAIFA. The audience will participate as the facts are explained to the participants who will be seated with as many different disciplines at their table as possible and a table leader to facilitate the discussion of solutions to the case study. 

    James Aussem, JD, AIF, National President of the Society of Financial Service Professionals

    Nathan M. Boxx, CFP, AIF, Vice President, Director Retirement Plan Services
    Amanda Priebe, CFP, Wealth Strategist, PNC
    Mark Rosen, CLU, President Underwriters Brokerage Service and Principal The LRM Group, LLC
    Brian J. Kahle, Esquire, Tucker Arensberg, P.C.
    David Pieton, CPA, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

    2 CFP, 2 PA insurance and CPE Granted
    CLE pending

    4:50 PM  -  5:00 PM
    Door Prizes - Must be present to Win