2017 FTA Annual Meeting

Please note one change from the traditional FTA schedule: the general session begins at 9 a.m. each day, not 8:30.


Registration on Sunday is from 2 to 8 p.m. There is a registration booth in the foyer of the Grand Level of the Westin. Registration also is available from 8 to 5 on Monday and Tuesday

Noon-(approx.) 6 p.m.
FTA Board of Trustees meeting (closed meeting; executive committee only Noon-1 p.m.) Vashon

6-8 p.m.
Meet-and-greet reception in the Fifth Avenue room

8-9 a.m.

Commissioners in Grand Crescent; attendees in foyer

9 a.m. - Noon
Grand Ballroom 1

Vikki Smith, Director, Washington State Department of Revenue

What Second Graders Already Know: 10 Lessons for Leading Government Transformation
Peter Hutchinson, Accenture Public Services Strategy


State Implications of Federal Tax Reform (Other Federal Influences Pressing on State Taxation)
Moderator: Harley Duncan, KPMG

Panelists:  Karl Friedan, Council on State Taxation; Nonie Manion, Executive Deputy Commissioner, New York State Department of Taxation and Finance; and Michael Heffernan, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Revenue

Presentation of FTA Awards
Special Presenter: Harley Duncan, KPMG
Tony Mastin, Oklahoma, Winner, Harley T. Duncan Award for Leadership and Service

South Dakota and Wisconsin, co-winners of the Award for Technology Application
; California Franchise Tax Board, honorable mention
Iowa, Winner, Award for Research

Noon - 1:30 p.m.
Grand Ballroom III


Fifth Avenue

Focused Training on Building a Tax University (Please note that registration for this session is required, and this training has been filled.)
Jacob Foy, New Jersey Division of Taxation

Legal and Policy
Grand Ballroom II

Review of legal cases
Bruce Fort, Multistate Tax Commission
Marilyn Wethekam, Horwood Marcus & Berk

How to Address Your Tax Resolution Controversies, and Why You Should
Courtney Kay Decker, Director, Iowa Department of Revenue
David Brunori, Quarles & Brady

Marijuana implementation panel
Pat Oglesby, Center for New Revenue and former chief tax counsel of the Senate Finance Committee
David Gau, Executive Director, California Board of Equalization
Michael Heffernan, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Jim Morgan, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

Grand Ballroom I

FTA Technology Award Winners

  Wisconsin - Income and Withholding Matching for Fraud Protection and Reconciliation
  Diane Hardt, Wisconsin

  South Dakota - Special Events Application for Onsite Tracking and Collection
  Andy Gerlach, Secretary, South Dakota Department of Revenue

Tax Agency Long-Term Modernization — Incrementally
  Neena Savage, Tax Administrator, Rhode Island Division of Taxation

Virginia's New Presence on the Web: Useful Tips on Updating Your Website
Craig Burns, Commissioner, Virginia Department of Taxation

The Future is Here: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Tax Administration
Alejandro Lira Volpi, Accenture Global Revenue


Compliance Updates on Sales Suppression Audits and Audit Sampling
Mike Chertude, Washington State

Multi-Genre Analytics and Advanced Pattern Detection in Compliance and Fraud Detection
Elaine Crutchly, Teradata

A Peek Inside Collection Agencies
Charlie Helms, AllianceOne Receivables Management

Using Predictive Analytics and Data to Enhance Accounts Receivable Management
Ted London, FICO

Sponsor Solution Breakout
Grand Crescent

Bloomberg BNA

Session 1 - Monday, 6/12 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

The Power of Technology to Accurately, Fairly, and Efficiently Collect State Corporate Income Tax Revenue

Learn how to leverage Bloomberg BNA’s State Tax™ Analyzer software to target returns worth auditing; analyze impacts of state tax adjustments, propose changes, and close audits faster; provide process improvements; and position your tax examiners and agents to accurately, fairly, and efficiently collect more state corporate income tax revenue.   NOTE:  IRS uses Bloomberg BNA Corporate Tax™ Analyzer to achieve the same results at the Federal level for over a decade!

Rashid Nur, Executive Director Business Development, Bloomberg BNA, Software Diane Tinney, Director Product Management, Bloomberg BNA, Software Ryan Sheehan, Business Analyst – Subject Matter Expert, Bloomberg BNA, Software

Fast Enterprises

Session 2 - Monday, 6/12  2:25 pm - 3:10 pm

This is Your Brain on Taxes

The brain does not function as logically and rationally as we may think. In fact, human behavior is driven by a strange combination of perception, attitudes, and social norms. The fields of social psychology and behavior economics provide insight into what induces compliant tax behavior and, conversely, why people cheat. These insights can help tax administrators improve voluntary compliance and build enforcement programs that are truly effective.

Will Rice Director Fast Enterprises


Revenue Solutions, Inc.

Session 3 - Monday, 6/12 3:20 pm - 4:05 pm

Combating Refund Fraud: Recent Trends and Successful Prevention Techniques

Are you being beaten by criminals and cyber-thieves?  You may be stopping some refund fraud, but are you applying all available fraud prevention techniques?  This solution series presentation will describe how the most recent trends in refund fraud have driven tax agencies to change the way they approach identity theft and identify falsified claims, and how the effective use of internal and external data, applied analytics, and industry best practices has successfully impacted the number of fraudulent refunds being sent to fraudsters.  

Kevin Frisoli Director Revenue Solutions, Inc.


Harmari by LTAS

Session 4 - Monday, 6/12  4:15 pm - 5:00 pm

Tax Discovery Beyond the Phonebook

Historically many revenue discovery projects rely on the phone book: indisputable, public, complete and (mostly) accurate.  Modern versions of phone book discovery include IRMF data (from 1099K), and even simple keyword searches online can bring back directories of data.  However, many weaknesses exist with some of these methods that can be overcome by accessing online databases with efficiency.  Learn how to leverage online classifieds, e-commerce, satellite maps, and machine learning to solve some of the most challenging problems to state revenue agencies today.  Applications will target short term vacation rentals, sharing economy, cash economy, warehouse/logistics nexus, taxable service providers, auto parts, Montana LLC-registered vehicles and more.

Allen Atamer CEO and Principal Engineer Harmari by LTAS


8-9 a.m.

Commissioners in Grand Crescent; attendees in foyer

9 a.m. - Noon
Grand Ballroom I

Succession Planning: Framework for Employee Decision Making
Nonie Manion, Acting Commissioner, New York State Department of Taxation and Finance


How to Make the Most of Your Millennial Workforce (A Brief Primer)
Michael Zaydon and Anne Donovan, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

FTA's Services Move Into the 21st Century:  the State Exchange System and Beyond
Panel: Jonathan Lyon, FTA; Doreen Warren, Idaho Tax Commission; Ryan Minnick, FTA

Save the Date for Nashville
David Gerregano, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Revenue

On your own


Legal and Policy
Grand Ballroom II

Panel: Quill, Then and Now
Kevin Sullivan, commissioner, Connecticut
Andy Gerlach, secretary, South Dakota

Nonie Manion, commissioner, New York
Fred Nicely, COST
Christine Mesirow, Ohio Office of the Attorney General
Max Behlke, National Conference of State Legislatures

Panel: Partnership Audits: Understanding and Dealing with the Change
Helen Hecht, Multistate Tax Commission, moderator
Sue Leighton, Pennsylvania
Nikki Dobay, COST
Tracee Abel, Montana

Panel: Challenges of the New (home-and-ride) Sharing Economy
Liz Malm, MultiState
Richard Cram, Multistate Tax Commission
Steve Kranz, McDermott, Will and Emery


Getting Unstuck: Trust Repair Strategies
Wendy Fraser, Ph.D., Fraser Consulting, LLC

Millennials in the Workplace: Finding Value in the Next Generation of Your Workforce
Michael Zaydon and Anne Donovan, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Maryland's Approach to Developing and Training Future Leaders
Sharonne Bonardi, Deputy Comptroller, Office of the Maryland Comptroller

Achieve Customer Satisfaction Through a More Robust Website
Morgan Powers, Tennessee Department of Revenue
Don Graham, Alabama Department of Revenue

Grand Ballroom I

Industry Partners in E-File: National Association of Computerized Tax Processors
Panel: Mimi Nolan, H&R Block; Angela Camp, Intuit; and Mark Castro, Petz Enterprises

Cybersecurity and the State Tax Threat Environment
Tim Hastings, FireEye

Available Technology that will Help You Authenticate Taxpayers
Julie Magee

Panel: Overview of Security Summit Efforts — National Standards and Recommendation
Panelists: Tamara Powell, IRS; Doreen Warren, Idaho; Julie Magee, ETAAC

  New Role for the Electronic Tax Administration  Advisory Council (ETAAC)
Overview of Security Summit Efforts — National Standards and Recommendations
  New and Newly Evaluated Authentication Measures
  Expanding Cooperative Information Sharing Steps
  Recovering Fraudulent Refund Monies — New Tools are Available
  Holding E-File Vendors to Higher Security Standards
  Taxpayer and Preparer Fraud Messaging — Is our Message Getting Through?
  New (and Expected) Threat Vector — Exploitation of the Tax Professional and Employer Communities
  Operation of the Information Sharing and Assessment Center (ISAC) — Wednesday general session preview

Sponsor Solution Breakout

Grand Crescent

ASR Analytics

Session 5 - Tuesday, 6/13 1:30pm - 2:15pm

Machine Learning – The Future of Taxpayer Compliance

Find out how machine learning technology can help you discover areas of non-compliance that were previously hidden.  Business Tax compliance through state-of-the-art analytics is the focus of this session with ASR Analytics Principal, Jeremy Howard.  By leveraging proprietary machine learning algorithms designed to automatically detect previously unrecognized patterns, much can be discovered in data you already own.  As the solution evolves with incoming data, so will your non-compliance team. High priority targets will automatically be identified without human intervention. This allows your team to spend less time identifying leads, and more time increasing revenue generation. Come see how Machine learning and analytics can help your agency identify fraud and non-compliance in Sales Tax and other Business Tax that may currently be going unnoticed.

Jeremy Howard, Principal, ASR Analytics


Pondera Solutions

Session 6 - Tuesday, 6/13 2:25pm - 3:10pm

Analytics, Audits, and Action;  Non-compliant taxpayers and revenue recoupment

Pondera's system for Tax and Revenue brings next generation data analytics and human innovation to tax compliance and improved audit selection. Pondera's system will help your auditors improve the selection of potential compliance targets through analytical tools, alerts, and dashboards. The results of using our system allow you to develop expectations and profiles of reporting behavior for compliant and non-compliant taxpayers giving your audit divisions the ability to focus limited resources on taxpayers with specific characteristics that indicate a strong likelihood of unpaid taxes through failure to register, failure to remit, and/or under-reporting.  You will see revenues increase through the improved identification of non-compliance.  With 38 years of experience at the Florida Department of Revenue, Peter Steffens will talk about how Pondera's system improves business tax compliance through advanced analytics and technology.

Peter Steffens Senior Tax and Revenue Consultant Pondera Solutions



Session 7 - Tuesday, 6/13 3:20pm - 4:05pm

Teradata Solution Series – Enhancing Tax Compliance and Analytics utilizing a Discovery Platform to drive greater insights with new data

In this Solution Series, Teradata will show the benefits of easily bringing in new sources of data to enhance tax compliance and analytics.  Teradata will demonstrate new capabilities leveraging tools such as text mining, path analysis, word associations, etc. Also, enabling this analysis to be done across multiple platforms (structured and unstructured) where the data resides today (i.e. Hadoop, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.). 

Les Arnold, Sr. Solution Architect, Teradata Bill Damico, Sr. Solution Architect, Teradata


AuthenticAID, Inc.

Session 8 - Tuesday, 6/13 4:15pm - 5:00pm

Getting 20% More from the Treasury Offset Program

The Treasury Offset Program (TOP) is a tremendous tool for collecting tax debts.  However, are you using the tool to get the most out of the TOP process? This session will discuss TOP processing at a high level and inform the audience on ways to increase data matches and revenue for the state.

Balaji "Raj" Rajan, CEO, AuthenticAID, Inc. Dwight Vigna, Senior Vice-President, AuthenticAID, Inc.


8-9 a.m.  Breakfast Everyone, in foyer

9 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

Grand Ballroom I

(open to all; the senior representative from each FTA member agency is requested to attend)

9:30 a.m. - 11 a.m. (Note: There will not be a formal morning break)
Grand Ballroom I

Congratulations, You Have an ISAC.  Now What?
Chairs, ISAC Partnership: Courtney Decker, Director, Iowa Department of Revenue; Todd Egaas, Internal Revenue Service; Mike Beebe, Internal Revenue Service; Bernie McKay, Intuit

Reach Your Goals: Overcoming Obstacles under the Most Difficult Conditions
Helen Thayer, Author and Adventure Explorer

11 a.m. - noon

CPE/CLE Training on Ethics 
Trainer: Glenn C. McCoy, Jr., J.D., KPMG