2017 FTA Technology Conference and Exhibition

Here's the day you've been waiting for — now you can register for the FTA Technology Conference, and you can also formally submit your topics and speaker suggestions.

We're making it easy to submit speaker names and topics. Follow these three steps:

1. Take finger
2. Using finger, move cursor on your device to this link
3. Click

There, now that's all done.  Your next step: start listing your arguments for your office to send you to Indianapolis at the end of July. This should be the easy part. Your manager, your supervisor, even your CEO or your governor all want you to do your job more effectively and more efficiently (and keep your agency out of the headlines).  The FTA Technology Conference moves you closer to all of these goals. Plus you get the bonus of the Exhibit Hall — your one-stop location for networking with just the right people and your one-stop choice for learning more about the available technologies that work in tandem with your new knowledge, skills and ideas.

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FTA E-Standards meeting

There is an optional FTA State E-Standards meeting on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday all day.
Please note that you have the option of registering only for the E-Standards meeting.
See instructions under the E-Standards tab.

Early Bird Registration

Here's an incentive to not wait till the last minute to register: You'll save some money.  Get the details on the fees page.

Also, there is a volume discount available for government attendees. Register three and get one free. If you experience any difficulties with the process just send an email to fta.meetings@taxadmin.org.

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