2017 Schedule 

2017 - Thursday, December 7th

3:00-5:00 pm Registration
6:00 pm  Welcome Reception and Keynote Address 
Moderator: Geoff Gurtner, Stanford University
Innovating the Future of Wound Care with Botanical Natural Products - Cassandra Quave, Emory University

2017 - Friday, December 8th

6:30-7:30 am Registration and Breakfast/Visit the Exhibits
7:30-9:00 am Scientific Session 1 - Innovations in Stem Cells
Moderator: Marjana Tomic-Canic, University of Miami

Who Would Have Thought: Plasticity of Myofibroblasts - George Cotsarelis, University of Pennsylvania
Extracellular Vessicles from Progenitor Cells - Novel Therapeutics - Evangelos Badiavas, University of Miami
Treatment of Chronic Wound Infections Using Activated Mesenchymal Stem Cells - Steven W. Dow, Colorado State University
9:00-9:30 am
Break and Visit the Exhibits
9:30-11:00 am
Scientific Session 2 - Aging
Moderator: Robert Kirsner, University of Miami

Inflamm-aging and the Multi-Organ System Response to Tissue Injury - Elizabeth Kovacs, University of Colorado Denver 
Adipose Cell Based Therapy for Pressure Ulcers and Ongoing Studies in a Murine Model - Jeffrey M. Gimble, LaCell LLC, New Orleans BioInnovation Center
Muscle Aging - Fabrisia Ambrosio, University of Pittsburgh
11:00-11:30 am
Break and Visit the Exhibits 
11:30-1:00 pm
Scientific Session 3 - Energy Based Technologies for Wound Care
Moderator: Chris Attinger, Georgetown Plastic Surgery
Mechanical Compression Drives Cancer Cells Toward Invasive Phenotype - Lance Munn,  Edwin Steele Labs at Harvard
Micromechanical Forces in Wound Healing - Dennis Orgill, Brigham and Women's Hospital Harvard
Use of Direct Contact Low Frequency Ultrasound in Complex Wounds - Mark Granick, Rutgers University
1:00 pm Exhibit Hall Closes
1:00-5:00 pm
5:15 - 6:00 pm Reception Prior to Poster Reception
6:00 pm

Poster Reception - Attendees & Guests are Welcome


2017 - Saturday, December 9th

6:30-7:30 am Registration & Breakfast, Visit the Exhibits 
7:30-9:00 am
Scientific Session 4 - Inflammation and Repair
Moderator: Jeff Davidson, Vanderbilt University

Innate Immune Cells in Healing Wounds - Luisa DiPietro, University of Illinois at Chicago
Biomaterials to Manipulate the Inflammatory Response - Jennifer Elisseeff, Johns Hopkins University
ECM Bioscaffolds as Immunomodulatory Biomaterials - Steven Badylak, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
9:00-9:30 am
Break and Visit the Exhibits
9:30-11:00 am
Scientific Session 5 - Update in Clinical Trials
Moderator: Bill Marston, University of North Carolina
Surgical Management of Complex Diabetic Lower Extremity Wounds: A Mulitcenter Registry Study - Joanna Xylas, Integra
11:00-11:30 am
Break and Visit the Exhibits 
11:30-1:00 pm
Scientific Session 6 - Bioengineering: Organs on Dish and Beyond
Moderator: Aristidis Veves, Harvard Medical School

David L. Kaplan, Tufts University
Ionic Liquids for Wound Treatment - Samir Mitragotri, Harvard University
High-Throughput Approach to Cell-Matrix Interactions -Jan de Boer, Maastricht University

 1:00 pm
 Exhibit Hall Closes
 1:00-5:00 pm

2017 - Sunday, December 10th

7:00-8:00 am Registration & Breakfast/Visit the Exhibits 
8:00-9:30 am
Scientific Session 7 - Surgical Wound Healing
Moderator: Geoffrey Gurtner, Stanford University
Elof Eriksson, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Joshua Tam, Massachusetts General Hospital

9:30-10:00 am
Break and Visit the Exhibits
10:00-11:30 am
Scientific Session 8 - mHealth and TeleHealth: Breaking Down the Barriers for More Connected Healthcare
Moderator: Oscar Alvarez, University Hospital, Rutgers NJMS
Telemedicine and its Potential Impact to Frontline Clinical Care - Natasa Sokolovich, University of Pittsburgh
Emerging Mobile Health Technology and It's Implication to the Future in Wound Care - Marco Romanelli, University of Pisa
Expanding Telehealth Access and Adoption: The VA Experience and Beyond - Lisa Roberts, AMC Health

11:30 am Adjourn

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