Please include the following information in submitting your abstract:submit_button


Author and Affiliation Information:
• Authors’ names
• Affiliation

Abstract Body: 
The abstract is limited to 300 words excluding Title, Authors' Names and Affiliation. 
The text should include:

1. A sentence stating the purpose of the study. 
2. A brief description of methods..
3. A summary of results with sample size and statistical results as appropriate.
4. A statement of conclusions reached. Do not state that the “results will be discussed”. 

• Single case reports are acceptable, but are low priority, unless exceptionally innovative or informative.
• Avoid section headings, paragraph spacing or extra lines.
• Indentation or tabs should use a “justified” block format of the text (both sides aligned).
• Abbreviations should conform to the Style Manual for Biological Journals (American Institute of Biological Sciences, 3900 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, DC 20016).
• Place non-standard abbreviations in parentheses after the full word the first time it appears.
• Non-proprietary (generic) drug names are required (lower case) the first time mentioned, e.g. furosemide.
• Proprietary drug names should be capitalized, e.g. furosemide (Lasix). 


Please submit your abstracts by clicking here.

The deadline to submit your abstracts is  November 20, 2017.

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