2017 Kenya IIT

Basic Information Sheet

Center for Nonviolent Communicationsm
Nairobi, Kenya April 5 - 14, 2017


Discover skills that will help you improve the quality of your relationships, deepen your inner peace, and increase your contribution in the world.

Join us to be part of a compassionate community learning together how to create strong communities; practice deep, nonjudgmental listening; and build empowerment from the inside out.

The purpose of this IIT is to offer you the opportunity to live the process of NVC in community in order to develop the mindsets and practical tools to create communities that thrive, communities that can reconcile differences, communities that can integrate cultures living peacefully side by side, communities where there is equity. We invite people to join us who want to impact their communities. We will do this by looking at three areas:


1. Personal and Professional Relationships

  • Increase connection and closeness with the people you love.
  • Speak in a way that inspires compassion and understanding.
  • Initiate and take part in, difficult conversations with more ease and confidence.
  • Remain centered and peaceful when receiving difficult messages.
  • Express and receive anger fully, safely and respectfully... yet powerfully.
  • Resolve long-standing conflicts and heal painful relationships.
  • Parent children from the heart and move beyond power struggles into cooperation.
  • Translate criticism, judgments and blame into life-serving messages.

2.  Inner Transformation

  • Shift patterns of thinking that lead to depression, guilt and shame and perpetuate pain.
  • Transform anger into self-understanding, thereby increasing inner peace.
  • Enliven yourself by expressing and receiving gratitude.
  • Learn to embody unconditional love.
  • Explore a world view where all people are valued
  • Act, think and speak from your deepest integrity

3.  Contribution and Social Change

  • Explore systems and processes that will support communities in creating a world that works for all
  • Share NVC in a ways that contains/transmits it’s power to transform and that inspires others.
  • Create educational systems where students love learning and teachers love teaching.
  • Learn to engage in effective, lasting nonviolent social change in the tradition of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
  • Explore ways to shift the culture around you that is aligned with your values.
  • Apply this work to current issues such as integration of refugees into European communities

Seminar Language: English. Translation in Kisuaheli, during community sessions and at least 2 workshops parallel at each session.

irmtraud KauschatTrainer: Irmtraud Kauschat

works as a medical doctor and has given NVC trainings in different countries, including Serbia/Croatia, Kenya and more recently Israel/Palestine and Ukraine. Irmtraud has expertise in =reconciliation between warring groups like in former Yugoslavia (in 1996 especially with youth from Serbia and Croatia), in Kenya with different communities that had been affected by the post-election violence in 2007/208, (in the Lake Victoria region through hotspots of violence like Eldoret and Nakuru in Rift Valley to a slum in Nairobi) as well as with two tribes from the north that had been at war with each other for about 30 years and most recently with people from Israel/Palestine and Ukraine . When she heard Marshall talk about his experiences in Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland she was very enthusiastic about the impact NVC could have on people’s lives and her vision was to contribute to peacebuilding in a similar way. This vision has come true. Peace is a very important topic for her since her childhood when she saw ruins in Frankfurt after World War 2 and witnessed the broadcasting of the Auschwitz process in her teenage years, when she was confused getting to know that the very same people who killed Jewish children and parents were described as loving parents themselves. Now she is thrilled of to be a trainer for the IIT in Kenya – another vision of her’s - to offer this special experience to the people she has been training and supporting for 10 years by now with NVC. She is a founding member and chairperson of her local circle in Darmstadt as well as of the German speaking network: D-A-CH and served as a member of GCC (NVC Global Community Circle) and coordinator of the EAC (English speaking NVC European. African Circle). From January 2012 till October 2013 she served as a member of the CNVC board. She started her journey of becoming an assessor for CNVC certification in 2015. Her website: here

Trainer: Raj Gill Raj Gill

I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and CNVC Certified Trainer When I transitioned out of a career in health care I launched a Training and Development Company, Prosperity Circles Coaching International to provide coaching, mediation and trainings in communication, Emotional Intelligence and Inclusive Leadership to audiences worldwide. I am a founding member of Freedom Project Canada offering NVC in prisons and the Experiential Leadership Initiative. A 4 year collaboration with Judi Morin and Lucy Leu provided many opportunities to learn and we published the Nonviolent Communication Toolkit for Facilitators. I have enjoyed developing Compassionate Communication curricula and manuals for a variety of organizations, including the Cowichan Intercultural Society, Community Colleges, Correctional Service of Canada and Relationship-Based Classroom Management for teachers throughout Latin America I enjoy working with people co-creating a motivational and supportive environment for managing the human aspect of growth and development. I am strong believer in the power of human connection and compassion for resolving conflict and creating universal success This belief has taken me to North America, Latin America, Nunavut, Africa, Ireland, and beyond, in settings of higher education, prisons, religious communities and boardrooms. My experiences and skills gained working alongside Marshall Rosenberg are gifts that keep manifesting in my personal and professional life. I recently adjusted my work schedule to include much more playtime with my much loved grandsons. I look forward to welcoming you and sharing Nonviolent Communication in community.

Chris RajendramTrainer:   Chris Rajendram “I met Marshall and NVC when I was studying in Ohio State University in 1996 through Maria Mankien, a close friend of mine, who was then the secretary at CNVC. NVC reinforced my studies at the University. I was involved with Paulo Freire and the Sense-Making studies at the time and NVC just gave it all a new form. I fell in love with the process. When I returned to Sri Lanka, I invited Marshall to introduce NVC to Sri Lanka and I introduced it to my teaching at the University. Since then, I have met wonderful NVC people and I wished that the whole world be full of people who lived NVC. I began my journey living NVC with 20 children who had lost their parents in the war in Sri Lanka. It has been a great journey of learning and I am looking forward to continuing the journey, learning with this IIT team.”

Trainer: dunia_hutegekimana 2016Dunia Hategekimana
Dunia met Marshall Rosenberg in 1993 and since then he followed him around the world, organising NVC trainings in Africa and for Africans as well as training alongside him in IITs. Dunia has been exploring since, the power of empathy and its effects in healing ( body, mind, spirit) and on social transformation. Training with Marshall offered him an opportunity of meeting with interesting people who were integrating NVC in their lives/work , Nada I. Savic , Trish Dickinson, David Servant Schreiber ( healing without psychoanalyse an prozac) , Andrew Lecompte Daniel Miron ( médecine naturelle ) Working across cultures and disciplines has helped Dunia to understand the connectedness between NVC and and Art, Ubuntu, Chaos theory, Spirituality, Healing, Socio-politic. Also , having understood the metaphor of dance in different cultures , the principles such as "Not doing anything that is not it is a play, "Don't walk when you can dance" , Connect to the need in whatever circumstance for life trans-form-action, he's came up with a Five minutes Tool for Transformation that is changing people/organisation lives. After many years living and working from Europe , Dunia is living in Rwanda with his family. He is learning a lot from young generation through Education, from nature through agriculture,harvesting water and recycling. He is sharing his experience with people, community and organisation( business).

Venue: Savelberg Retreat Centre
Savelberg Retreat Centre is located in Nairobi, Adams Arcade at Muringa Road, off Elgeyo Marakwet road. It’s about 6km away from the Nairobi City Centre. It is run by Franciscan nuns who warmly welcome us. Even being close to major road the centre itself is a quiet place with a garden where you can relax during breaks and have workshops outside.

Kenyan food usually includes meat (beef and chicken), at the same time Savelberg chefs will provide vegetarian (and vegan food). Bread is less common than in e.g. Europe or the USA. Please let us know if you have special food requirements, we will check what is possible. Part of the vegetables is harvested directly from the Savelberg gardens.

kenya venue rot pic



To reach Savelberg


By air: Niarobi Airport

You need visa if you are coming from outside the COMESA countries, you can get it either through the embassy in your country (best as E-Visa) or at the immigration control at the airport. The E-Visa costs $ 50.
We can organize transport from the airport / bus stage to the Savelberg Retreat Centre for you. Once we know when and by which means you will arrive we will let you know how you can get there.
It will be possible for you to come earlier and/or stay for some more days if you plan to go on a safari for example in the Nairobi National Park.

On request there will also be an option to stay in the countryside with some of our Kenyan friends for a few days to deepen connection and to experience life in a different culture other than being a tourist. The accommodation and food will be simple, and you will be received with an open heart. Please let us know if you are interested in this additional experience.

Fee: Total IIT Fees consists of a tuition fee and accommodation fee (payable in US Dollars to CNVC or in Euros to DACH *) - as outlined in the table below.

We are applying parity adjustment for this IIT, meaning that our regular tuition ($2340USD or €2075 without discounts) is expected from "Internationals," while a price more comparable to local conditions is expected from participants native to the countries of Africa on request (depending on their income).

Early Bird Discount: Receive 15% off tuition on payments received in full by 5 December 2016. Tuition Fee Payable to CNVC under this option is $1,989USD or €1.763,75.
Receive 10% off tuition on payments received in full by 5 March 2017 Tuition Fee Payable to CNVC under this option is $2,106USD or €1.867,50.

Other discounts: If you are a registered certification candidate with CNVC or have attended a CNVC IIT before, we offer you 15% discount off tuition (not to be combined with other offers).

Scholarships: The due date for Scholarship Applications for this IIT is 5 January 2017 (3 months prior to the start of the IIT.)

Special Tuition Rate: If you are a resident of Kenya or other African countries please contact the organizer (iit@cnvc.org) for the local adjusted tuition rate. We will raise funds to support your participation. We highly appreciate your support in raising funds. For this you can also contact irmtraudkauschat@yahoo.de

IIT Options and Fees (for 9-day training): 

Accommodation Type

Accommodation Fee, meals included, Payable to Venue


Tuition Fee

(Payable to CNVC in USD)(discounts see above)

A : Single room (mainly with shared shower and toilet)



€320 per person




B : Double room (two single beds and most of them have a private bath, there are some double beds available for couples)

How to register:

  1. Click here to fill out the online IIT Application Form sent at least a $100 to CNVC or €100 payment to DACH.
  2. Applications sent before 5 March, 2017 need to include full or partial payment, with a minimum of $/€100. The balance is due on 5 March, 2017. For applications sent on or after 5 March, 2017 please include all fees.
  3. CNVC and organizer team usually acknowledges your application within 5 business days; please contact the IIT department if you did not receive an acknowledgement within this time.

For questions please contact the IIT Department at +1 505-244-4041 or email at iit@cnvc.org or for practical questions contact the local organizers of the IIT in Kenya:
Irmtraud Kauschat (in Germany), Joshua Patroba and Sam (in Kenya) at iitkenya2017@yahoo.com

*) Bank Account DACH – seminar fees in Euro / Das Bankkonto von DACH für die Seminargebühren in Euro:

for wires from abroad / für Überweisungen aus dem Ausland

for wires from inner Germany / für Überweisung innerhalb Deutschlands

Name: D-A-CH für GFK e. V.
Name of Bank: GLS-Bank
IBAN: DE56430609677005957700
Keyword "IIT 2017 Kenya"

Name / Kontoinhaber: D-A-CH für GFK e. V.
IBAN: DE56430609677005957700
Stichwort "IIT 2017 Kenya"

**Attendance at an IIT is a request of those who wish to become CNVC certified trainers, and it is highly recommended to anyone who wishes to share NVC, whether you want to be certified or not. more info here


  • When

  • Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - Friday, April 14, 2017
    17:00 - 12:00
    E. Africa Time

  • Where

  • Savelberg Retreat Centre
    +254 725458060

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