2017 MQ Quilt Show and Conference

Special Exhibits

"The Lion King Cherrywood Challenge"

This amazing collection of 20 x 20 small quilts is the result of a challenge by Cherrywood Fabrics that used the theme "The Lion King." With the permission of Disney, participants were influenced by the story, music, costumes and message of the movie and Broadway musical, as well as the mighty king of the jungle. The jaw-dropping exhibit by 120 artists is held together by cohesive size, color, theme and fabric.

"Two Friends, Many Quilts: A Collection of the Collaborative, Award-Winning Work of Marilyn Badger and Claudia Clark Myers"

This special exhibit is a collection of some of the twenty-two quilts that Marilyn and Claudia have made together. In 2001, they collaborated on "Mediterranean Beauty", a raffle quilt which won several awards, including a Judge's Choice at the AQS Paducah Show and Best of Show at the Minnesota Quilter's Conference and Show in St Cloud. This sparked the beginning of a long quilting friendship that reaches from Duluth, Minnesota to St George, Utah. They continue to treasure their creative relationship and hope you enjoy seeing the interesting changes in their quilting evolution that have taken place over the last fifteen years.

"BIG and small"
Contemporary Quilters (Minneapolis, MN)

People love small things - babies, kittens, miniatures. Think about how small we are as compared to the universe. People love BIG things - the biggest pumpkin at the State Fair was 1143 pounds, Lincoln in his Memorial is 19 feet tall, the World's Largest Ball of String in Darwin is 12 feet in diameter. Our quilted thirty creations will be either Big or small, or maybe both. Take a look and see what you discover!

"A is for Applique"
Students of Pat Cox (Minneapolis, MN)

Each year the students of Pat Cox organize an exhibit at the Minnesota Quilters Show and Conference to display their current applique works and each year the exhibit is truly extraordinary. Come to the show to view these twelve quilts and see applique as it's never been done before.

"The Japanese-Inspired Quilts of Patricia Cox"
Patricia Cox (Minneapolis, MN)

Thirty-seven Japanese inspired quilts made over the years by Patricia Cox, one of the founding members of Minnesota Quilters. The quilts were exhibited at the Owatonna Art Center in 2016.

"Quilted Quotes Challenge"
Shelly Ricci's Art Quilt Group

A fun exhibit of fifteen 16 x 16 quilts inspired by famous quotes.

"2016 Red and White Challenge"
Block Swappers (Blue Earth, MN)

Twelve large red and white quilts ranging in size from full to queen created in response to the group's 2016 challenge. The quilts demonstrate traditional, modern and original designs that you will not want to miss.

"Nine Patch Challenge"
Needle Nuts (Prior Lake, MN)

Nine experienced sewing friends, nine months. The rules were to make two 3" finished blocks for each group member including the sewist for a total of 18 blocks per month. No whites, no solids and darks had to be at the corner position. Then make a quilt any size, any pattern but the blocks had to be used on the front of the quilt.

"Granite City Rocks"
St. Cloud Heritage Quilters (St. Cloud, MN)

Each participant picked one of two fabrics that resemble the two types of granite quarried in the St. Cloud area. A minimum of 1 square inch of this fabric had to be used in the quilt top and was used for the binding. This "granite" fabric could not be altered by stitching, dye or paint. As part of St Cloud Heritage, each participant was required to use a named traditional block. The block could be changed by making it wonky, twisted or abstract. There were no restrictions on additional fabrics used. The quilt size was required to be 24" x 24" which could include one or more blocks. Sashing, borders and embellishments were allowed.

"Navigating Lake Superior with Mariner's Compass Quilts"
Northern Lights Machine Quilters Guild (Duluth, MN)

This special exhibit of 20-24 wall hanging size quilts (each around 62 x 62) presents interpretations of the "Vintage Compass" pattern by Judy Niemeyer, taught to our guild by certified instructor Jodie Madison. This collection is a tribute to the Mariner's Compass pattern, one of the earliest quilt patterns available to quiltmakers. Before the magnetic compass was available early mariners depended on a wind chart called the wind rose. The wind rose gradually evolved into the compass rose on nautical maps and continued to be a useful decorative feature on charts and maps for centuries. It is likely that quilters were inspired by the varied designs used to depict the compass rose.

"My Blogging Adventure"
Suzy Webster (Apple Valley, MN)

A showcase of about twenty poster sized quilts created during my first two years of blogging; the quilts represent what I have learned during that time. Suzy Webster was the winner of the 2016 Minnesota Quilters Show and Conference Stationary Machine Quilting Award for her quilt "Kaboom".

"2016 Minnesota Quilters Mystery Quilt"

The concept for the 2016 Minnesota Quilters Mystery Quilt was to create an opportunity for a larger group of people to participate in an educational opportunity with Minnesota Quilters, outreach to members who live in outstate Minnesota, and as a way to reach potential new members to Minnesota Quilters. 160 people participated in the 2016 Minnesota Quilters Mystery Quilt that was designed by Kristin Lawson of A Little Crispy. There was an online Facebook group where participants shared questions, pictures of their progress on the quilt. It was a fun year.

"A Take on Modern"
Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild

See 25-30 quilts, wall hanging to bed quilt size, that look at all the ways modern quilting is interpreted.

"Idiom Challenge"
Evening Star Quilters (Mahtomedi, MN)

Twenty-three members of the guild each produced an 18x24 inch quilt based upon a randomly chosen idiom such as "The Grass is Always Greener," "Eye Candy," etc. Members were asked to keep their idiom a secret, and given nine months to come up with an idea and make their quilt. At a special "reveal" meeting, the quilts were hung with no descriptions, and members were given a game sheet with a multiple choice listing of the idioms selected. Winners received quilt shop gift certificates and other prizes.

"Scavenger Hunt Challenge"
Minnesota Quilters

The challenge was to incorporate into a quilt as many items a possible from a given list of thirty-two items. There was no restriction as far as size, block choice, using applique, quilting style, or embellishments. Just their imagination!

"Minnesota Wild"
Challenge Chicks (Minneapolis, MN and St. Paul, MN)

The Challenge was for each quilter to depict something wild with a Minnesota theme such as Minnesota wildflowers, birds, animals, etc. The quilts were required to be 8 in. wide by 24 in. long and to be hanging from a wooden stick from a tree native to Minnesota. Three of these quilts to each stick.

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