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You already know how important your participation in the Miracle Home or Miracle Property program is, but your efforts will seem even more meaningful when you meet Miracle Child Angelica Hale. Being face to face with someone as special as this hero truly brings it all home.

Angelica's Story

Despite doctors’ reassurances, Angelica Hale’s parents – James and Eva – knew something was wrong. Their normally vivacious 4-year-old girl was in pain and knew something was wrong. During a visit at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in 2012, they found out that her condition was more serious than they could have imagined.


Physicians told the Hales that their daughter had pneumonia. After three weeks of treatment (including ECMO life-support), two hospitals and one helicopter transport, Angelica was stabilized. Her organs had healed enough to perform surgery to repair her lung, which had lost nearly half of its function. However, the infection was so severe that the 5-year-old’s lung had begun to bleed into her abdomen and she had also developed sepsis, a serious blood infection that devastated her kidneys.


Throughout the summer of 2013, Angelica regained her strength from her initial surgery only to return for a kidney transplant. While testing to see who could be a potential kidney donor for Angelica, doctors discovered that her mother was a near-perfect match. In September 2013, Angelica received her mom’s kidney. Now a charismatic, joyful 9-year-old, Angelica is happy to share her courageous story with the world.





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