2017 Sri Lanka IIT

Basic Information Sheet

Center for Nonviolent Communicationsm
Kandy, Sri Lanka, July 26 - August 4, 2017

Special Rates available for locals from Sri Lanka and surrounding countries, please contact the local organizer

Program: This International Intensive Training (IIT) is a 9-day, Nonviolent Communication "immersion experience". It is a residential workshop led by a team of experienced trainers certified by the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), USA.

Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg was the founder and director of educational services for CNVC. NVC training evolved from Dr. Rosenberg's quest to find a way of rapidly disseminating much needed peacemaking skills. CNVC emerged out of work he was doing with civil rights activists in the early 1960's. NVC is seen as a powerful tool for peacefully resolving differences at personal, professional, and political levels. Dr. Rosenberg has provided NVC training in 60 countries, including in Sri Lanka. He has worked with such groups as educators, managers, mental health and health care providers, lawyers, military officers, prisoners, police and prison officials, clergy, government officials, and individual families. He has been active in war-torn areas and economically disadvantaged countries, offering NVC training to promote reconciliation and peaceful resolution of differences.

The purpose of the Sri Lanka IIT is to offer participants opportunities to live the process of NVC in community in order to develop the mindsets and practical tools to create communities that thrive, communities that can reconcile differences, communities that can integrate cultures living peacefully side by side, communities where there is equity. We invite people to join us who want to impact their communities. We will do this by looking at three areas:

1. Personal and Professional Relationships

  • Increase connection and closeness with the people you love.
  • Speak in a way that inspires compassion and understanding.
  • Initiate and take part in, difficult conversations with more ease and confidence.
  • Remain centered and peaceful when receiving difficult messages.
  • Express and receive anger fully, safely and respectfully... yet powerfully.
  • Resolve long-standing conflicts and heal painful relationships.
  • Parent children from the heart and move beyond power struggles into cooperation.
  • Translate criticism, judgments and blame into life-serving messages.

2.  Inner Transformation

  • Shift patterns of thinking that lead to depression, guilt and shame and perpetuate pain.
  • Transform anger into self-understanding, thereby increasing inner peace.
  • Enliven yourself by expressing and receiving gratitude.
  • Learn to embody unconditional love.
  • Explore a world view where all people are valued
  • Act, think and speak from your deepest integrity

3.  Contribution and Social Change

  • Explore systems and processes that will support communities in creating a world that works for all
  • Share NVC in a ways that contains/transmits it's power to transform and that inspires others.
  • Create educational systems where students love learning and teachers love teaching.
  • Learn to engage in effective, lasting nonviolent social change in the tradition of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. Rosenberg 
  • Explore ways to shift the culture around you that is aligned with your values.
  • Apply NVC in war affected communities.

Training Language: English

Preparation for an IIT

Before attending the IIT, we recommend you have at least a basic introduction to NVC and/or have read Marshall's book, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life. In addition there are several YouTube video recordings by Marshall and other Certified Trainers, which can be downloaded by accessing CNVC and related websites.

Jim and JoriTrainers: Jim and Jori Manske, married and working together for over 30 years, share the intentions to cooperate together in the great adventure of life, to openly and honestly share their deepest thoughts and feelings, and to honor and accept each other with ever-increasing ability. These intentions continue to frame not only their relationship together, but also all their relationships and work.

As co-creators of peaceworks, they offer training, mediation, facilitation, organizational development, consulting and mentoring. They have been working with a variety of businesses, community groups, government, NGO's, private groups and individuals since 1971.

They each have certifications as Trainers, Mediators, and Facilitators, as well as certifications in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and individually have degrees in Communication (Jim) and Social Work (Jori).

In June 2008, they completed their year and a half term as inaugural leaders of the Global Community Circle (GCC) for The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), supporting the growth and well-being of communities in the worldwide CNVC network.

They were founding members of the New Mexico Network for Nonviolent Communication. and have contributed directly to many emerging NVC communities worldwide. Jori also served as Interim Director of CNVC from January 2006 until May 2007, on the CNVC Board of Directors for 3 years, as founding board member of Comienzos (a program for jail inmates and staff), and serves on the Advisory Committee for NVC Academy

They continue to evolve Compassionate Leadership and Pathways to Liberation, and remain eager to discover new ways of evolving personal leadership and compassion.  Currently Jim and Jori are contribute to Hawaii NVC and the Network for Nonviolent Communication's NVC in the School's program in Hawai'i.  They offer a telephone-based training, Mentoring+ and enjoy contributing to the growing NVC communities of Korea and Japan. 


Trainer: dunia_hutegekimana 2016Dunia Hategekimana (Rwanda)
Dunia met Marshall Rosenberg in 1993 and since then he followed him around the world, organising NVC trainings in Africa and for Africans as well as training alongside him in IITs. Dunia has been exploring since, the power of empathy and its effects in healing ( body, mind, spirit) and on social transformation. Training with Marshall offered him an opportunity of meeting with interesting people who were integrating NVC in their lives/work , Nada I. Savic , Trish Dickinson, David Servant Schreiber ( healing without psychoanalyse an prozac) , Andrew Lecompte Daniel Miron ( médecine naturelle ) Working across cultures and disciplines has helped Dunia to understand the connectedness between NVC and and Art, Ubuntu, Chaos theory, Spirituality, Healing, Socio-politic. Also , having understood the metaphor of dance in different cultures , the principles such as "Not doing anything that is not it is a play, "Don't walk when you can dance" , Connect to the need in whatever circumstance for life trans-form-action, he's came up with a Five minutes Tool for Transformation that is changing people/organisation lives. After many years living and working from Europe , Dunia is living in Rwanda with his family. He is learning a lot from young generation through Education, from nature through agriculture,harvesting water and recycling. He is sharing his experience with people, community and organisation( business).

sabine geigerTrainer: Sabine Geiger (Germany)

Sabine Geiger has been leading workshops all over the world for 28 years, to support people on their path to freedom and choice. She came in contact with NVC in 1998 and started teaching soon after that. As a certified trainer and assessor for CNVC, she promotes a community-based certification approach.
To Sabine, NVC is a journey of the heart: ”When I crossed paths with Marshall Rosenberg in 1998, I was amazed. How could anyone describe my inner processes so accurately, without ever meeting me?! The empathic, curious and open heart has always seemed natural to me. Discovering NVC and passing it on to others has immensely enriched my life.”
Since Sabine recognizes conflict as an invitation to learn more about others, exploring and sharing restorative approaches has become an important part of her teaching.
Her passion? Tapping into the wisdom of the body while using the framework of the NVC process. How can we explore body sensations and link them to our feelings and needs? To Sabine, this is an ongoing exploration, which you are kindly invited to join.
Sabine's website is under construction, but you will find some info at sabinegeiger.com

Chris RajendramTrainer:   Chris Rajendram (Sri Lanka) "I met Marshall and NVC when I was studying in Ohio State University in 1996 through Maria Mankien, a close friend of mine, who was then the secretary at CNVC. NVC reinforced my studies at the University. I was involved with Paulo Freire and the Sense-Making studies at the time and NVC just gave it all a new form. I fell in love with the process. When I returned to Sri Lanka, I invited Marshall to introduce NVC to Sri Lanka and I introduced it to my teaching at the University. Since then, I have met wonderful NVC people and I wished that the whole world be full of people who lived NVC. I began my journey living NVC with 20 children who had lost their parents in the war in Sri Lanka. It has been a great journey of learning and I am looking forward to continuing the journey, learning with this IIT team."

Trainer: Ramanusha Poopalaratnams Ramanusha Poopalaratnam (Sri Lanka)

As someone who has grown up exposed to violence and War, I found NVC as my path to contribute to World Peace. While our country is struggling to recover from the effects of three decades of armed conflict, my firm belief is that NVC is not only a concept but a way of living that can contribute to building peace and harmony in individuals, families and communities. My dream is to share NVC in Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries as a small way to contribute towards building and sustaining peace and reconciliation, help transform relationships in communities in these countries. My vision is to help create a Sri Lanka where people of all ethnicities trust that they can share resources to meet everyone's needs in the country. Ramanusha is the Lead Trainer in the local host organization, Centre for Communication Training (whom are hosting this event).

Katherine SingerTrainer and onsite assessor: Katherine Singer (Korea)
Having experienced the Korean War at the age of five, Katherine is deeply committed to bringing about a world that is peaceful, both within and without; by resolving conflicts in a peaceful manner. In 1970, she migrated to the United States and, in 1997, she met Marshall. Later, she became a trainer, served CNVC as a board member, and is now an assessor.

Katherine introduced NVC to South Korea in 2003, subsequently founding the Korean Center for NVC in 2006. Now, aided by 4 full-time staff, 12 [yet-to-be-certified] trainers, and many volunteers, she is serving all areas of South Korean society. With John Kinyon, Katherine is currently organizing and supporting a team of NVC mediators, in the hope of contributing to someday peacefully resolving conflicts between North and South Korea.

Venue: Fatima Retreat House (Kandy).

The Fatima Retreat House (FRH), Lewella is in close proximity to the city of Kandy in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. It is situated on the banks of the Mahaweli River in tranquil surroundings conducive to silent reflection. FRH consists nearly 50 rooms accommodating up to 60 persons. It is a popular Retreat Centre run by the Jesuits and is open for residential seminars and workshops. It is a quiet place surrounded by gardens, trees and shrubs where one can relax during breaks and have workshops in the open air. Accommodation for a further 15 persons can be provided in a second location within the FRH compound.

Highlights of Kandy

Kandy is the capital of the Central province on the Kandy Plateau. Once the capital of the Sinhalese Kandyan kingdom, it is now a mountain resort and market center for an area producing tea, rubber, rice, and cocoa. The main part of the city overlooks a scenic artificial lake built by the last king of Kandy in 1806. Near the lake is the Temple of the Tooth, said to house one of Buddha's teeth. The relic, which has made Kandy a pilgrimage and tourist attraction, is honored in the annual Esala Perahera pageant which will take place in late July early August.

In the suburb of Peradeniya is one of the premier Universities of Sri Lanka established in 1942 and the famous Royal Botanical Gardens. The Gardens cover one hundred and fifty acres with most luxuriant exotic vegetation. It is the home to over 4000 species of plants visited by approximately two million tourists every year. Known for its unique collection of orchids, the Gardens can easily be classified as one of the best of its kind. In addition to orchids, the botanic gardens also hold a variety of spices, medicinal plants and palm trees. Indeed the vegetation all around Kandy is luxuriant.


Kandy is located in a high elevation and in the middle of Sri Lanka. The island itself has a tropical climate but Kandy being in the middle and at high altitude, does have a cooler temperature. The monsoon season happens from May through July as well as December and January. The minimum temperature during the day will be around 27 Degrees Celsius while the night temperature will be around 22 Degrees Celsius, with a possibility of rain.


Local Organizers:

Centre for Communication Training
Contact: Dr. Joe William & Ms. Tanuja D Almeida
Email: iit.srilanka2017@gmail.com
Mobile: +94714712661


By air: Nearest International Airport: Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake

By taxi: Our venue is roughly 3 hours from the airport in non-peak hour traffic.

By public transportation: Will be provided later.


IIT Options and Fees (for the 9-day Training): 


International Participants
(for participants not local to Sri Lanka)

Local Participants
(for participants from Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan)



Payable in US Dollars to CNVC

For local adjusted tuition rate, please contact the Local Organizers at srilanka2017@gmail.com

-Payable in LKR to "Centre for Communication Training"


Early Bird Discounts
Receive 15% off on tuition on payments made received in full by April 27, 2017. The Tuition fee payable to CNVC under this option is $1,989.

Receive 10% off on tuition on payments made in full by May 27, 2017. The tuition fee payable to CNVC under this option is $2,106.

Other Discounts
If you are a registered Certification Candidate with CNVC or have attended a CNVC IIT before, we offer you 15% discount on tuition (not to be combined with other offers).


The due date for Scholarship Applications for this IIT is April 27, 2017 (3 months prior to the start of the IIT).

Accommodation (meals included)

Single room (shared bathroom): LKR 60,000 [$400]
Double room (attached bathroom) : LKR 52,500 [$375]
Triple Room (attached bathroom): LKR 42,500 [$283]

Payable to "Centre for Communication Training".


Food: The venue offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian options (the cost of food is included in the accommodation fee).

How to Register:

  1. Click here to fill out the online IIT Application Form
  2. CNVC and the Local Organizers will usually acknowledge your application within 5 business days; please contact the IIT department if you do not receive an acknowledgement within this time.
  3. Once you have been enrolled, the Local Organizers will provide you with details about the accommodation and where to pay according to your choices.

For questions, please contact the IIT Department at +1 505-244-4041 or email us at iit@cnvc.org or contact the Local Organizers of the Sri Lanka IIT: iit.srilanka2017@gmail.com

**Attendance at an IIT is a request of those who wish to become CNVC certified trainers, and it is highly recommended to anyone who wishes to share NVC, whether you want to be certified or not. more info here


  • When

  • Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - Friday, August 4, 2017
    17:00 - 12:00
    Sri Lanka Time

  • Where

  • Fatima Retreat House
    Sri Lanka

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