Agile Software Development Systems Engineering Forum


The Systems Engineering Forum is a government-industry collaborative event focusing on SE topics to foster innovation. The Agile Software Development Forum will provide multiple viewpoints on how best to implement agile software, as well as determine challenges and opportunities for improvement. 

About the Agile Software Development Systems Engineering Forum

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together subject matter experts and practitioners of Agile Software Development from government, industry, and academia to work toward solutions for advancing the systems engineering state-of-practice.  Opening remarks from a senior government leader will be followed by several presentations on agility, myths/challenges, and approaches.  The also Forum features two panel discussions: one addressing key challenges and potential solutions, and other on potential oversight best practices.

The Forum is open to US Citizen’s only and requires a small registration fee.  Those registering will be provided a summary report of materials available for release after the event.   It will be physically conducted at
The Aerospace Corporation, 14745 Lee Road, Chantilly, VA, 20151, Gambit Auditorium.

  • Where

  • The Aerospace Corporation
    14745 Lee Road
    Chantilly, Virginia 20151