Click the "Submit" below to submit a proposal for a presentation you'd like to deliver at the conference. You may submit up to three presentations on this form. Additional presentations must be submitted separately using a different email address than the one used initially (we recommend a co-presenter email). When submitting a proposal, please consider this year's theme: Forging New Frontiers. and the information below.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Share community resources and best practices for serving community clients and businesses through WIOA and coaching.
  2. Understand the career pathway approach to align training programs and marketable employment opportunities as dictated by labor market information.
  3. Collaborate with service providers from within regions for better resource sharing, event coordination and identification of local workforce needs.
  4. Identify strategies for serving underrepresented or undeserved clients in their service region.
  5. Receive updates on WIOA and contribute to development and implementation.

We encourage creativity in both information presented and delivery method and take those factors, along with connection to theme and learning objectives into consideration when reviewing proposals.


Call for Proposals will remain open until Friday, July 14th
after which point the Workforce Professionals Academy planning committee will review proposals and notify all who have submitted a presentation whether their proposal has been accepted. At that time, you will be notified of the date/time of your presentation. If you have a schedule conflict or special needs, please indicate those within the form. Those not accepted will still be offered the Early Bird discount rate.

One person must serve as the lead presenter for a proposed session and all communication regarding the presentation will be sent to that person. It is expected that they will disseminate all pertinent information to co-presenters. Note: Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

For other process questions, click the FAQ tab on the left. 


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